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Hello Andy
Its a twin engine version 12.5 for lift and 23 for thrust

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Hi Pat

I've just noticed that you have the "indent" in H6, have you gone with 2engines or is to accommodate a non B&S set up.

I might get the hang of this eventually 😁.



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The 16 ft option is good,  the extra 2ft costs almost nothing but adds significantly to the seakeeping of the craft. I built a 14ft one then always wished I’d built 16ft!

Sadly the Otter isn’t really a home buildable craft, it needs some jigs etc to build it.  John and I don’t currently have plans to build commercially, but  there’s always the chance we could build some more at some point in the future. Never say never!


Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Hi Ian,

I've been looking at various types of hovercraft for a number of years, but have been "studying" in earnest for about 6 months now, I think the surveyor is the ideal cruising craft and it will do everything I'll need I'm sure, I'd like to build a 16' craft with the extra width, coincidentally I spent quite a bit of time admiring your craft today, It's amazing how quite you've got it. I'm going to try and keep mine as quiet as possible, living a few hundred metres from the beach, I hope to be doing a lot of coastal "stuff", so decibels will be an issue.

Are you going to start manufacturing otters, or selling the plans, like a sevtec operation?

Anyway, I'm sure to be worrying you at some point again in the not to distant future, I shall go back and work out H10 and H11 now.



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Great to hear that you’re planning on building a Surveyor, they’re a great craft and very capable. I built one back in 2007 and had lots of good times with it before I built my current craft.

What size were you thinking of building it?

I’m in Gloucester so not so far from you.
Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Hi Pat

Thanks for that it's very helpful, I've been in touch with trident and they sent me the price list for T5, so, it's onwards and upwards now,.

Once again many thanks


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Hello Andy. H10 and H11 are the two aft planing surfaces, lower surfaces of the two air boxes at the rear. You make them to fit. You will see them on page DWG1R.

Also we (myself and Philip) bought the foam from Trident Foams.



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Hello everybody

Greetings from beautiful North Wales,

 I'm in the process of doing a "mock up" of the surveyor, I might start the build this year now. My problem is that I cannot find H10 & H11 on the plans, I have the plans from the club, I also bought plans off Barry at Sevtec, but I cannot see the these two panels anywhere, I thought it might be like H1, hidden among other things, but just can't find them.

If anybody has a clue or knows I would appreciate a pointer, also has anyone got a foam supplier they would recommend.

Many thanks

Stay safe