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Ah. Glad to know it has gone to a good home!
Good luck with the project!!!
A BHC Marlin mk3 and Coastal Pro  Owner

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Thanks Philip, I will do that. I live now in Portugal just above Lisbon but I still work in Ireland, as a mechanical design engineer. At the weekends I go back to my home place up there in Donegal. I have the rivers up there mostly to myself as most of this is not navigable by boats where I hover. Some of the rivers and tributaries twist and turn like a snake and it can be a little challenge to navigate, but then, the ability to navigate and travel the distance is more important than speed and I like to cruise and explore where no boat has gone before! If you work with no other hovercraft or other devices available to assist if you break down , reliability is a key factor! I know this now!

I purchased my first hovercraft in 1988 from a Mr Vincent O' M, near newbridge county Kildare. It was a falcon 3 seater with the rotax 503 twin carb engine. (I lost touch with Vincent over the years and I'm just wondering is he still on the hovercraft scene? ) I sold my eagle 500 craft a few weeks ago, it had at direct drive 503 rotax. But do I hate two stroke engines more than belt transmissions?

Anyway, before I purchase the Osprey 5 via BHC (who were most  helpful )/eBay, I took note of the club's comments and yes, it is a project.
If anybody in the club[size=78%] would like to try out some of these rivers, let me know and I'll ask around for any permissions needed.[/size]
[/size][size=78%]Thanks for your response, mark.[/size] :)

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Hi Mark, welcome to the group. There are a few other Irish people on here too.
Whereabouts are you?  Give me a call on 087 2571494 and I'll give you a few pointers on whats best to do with that hull.
Have a look on YouTube to see some more craft in Ireland and you are welcome to call see us in late July on the Shannon.

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Hi all,
I recently purchased the osprey 5 hovercraft on eBay.
I would like to fit a lightweight car engine to the craft.
Would anyone have in mind a recommendation for a suitable engine that will match the fan characteristics?
Thanks, in advance,

Mark ☺