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Thanks - Britannia is a bit over 400 kgs but Cambria is OK - although she is up for sale :-(

« Reply #8 on: Mar 06, 2016, 10:04 pm »
Once things normalise let me know. I tend to go out at short notice when the weather is good, and I'm susceptible to persuasion anytime its decent. Which goes for anyone with a quiet, seaworthy craft weighing less than 400kg with lifting points.
Ian Brooks
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Freshspring may be going to Devon soon for restoration.  I don't have any info on the light vessel.

I'm now highly frustrated having seen those pics but I'm grounded at present for 3rd party 'medical reasons' :-(

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She's at Bullo

What's the story of he lightship at Collow?

Ian Brooks
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Did you see Freshspring at Newnham ?

« Reply #4 on: Mar 06, 2016, 9:16 pm »
It was cold and grey today but light winds made it a hover-day. I had a bit more time so took Sabrina out as far as Hock Cliff (about 15 miles) before the gathering rain clouds persuaded me it was time to head back, about a 30 mile round trip.

I got the camera out on the way back so here's a few of the 'sights' !

Bullo Pill, there's a boat yard here although nothing ever seems to come out. I presume that boats are scrapped here.

Leaving Bullo Pill. Incidentally, 'pill' is the local name for the mouth of a stream that enters the Severn

The other boatyard at Collow Pill, about a mile from Bullo Pill. That's Newnham in the background.

Strangely there's a lightship moored in Collow Pill!

No more pictures after this as the rain started so I hunkered down behind the windscreen. Nice.

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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THAT kind of "monkey business" doesnt last a couple of hours so NO confusion here im glad to say. 🙄
Has anyone else noticed that ususally the "sensible" thing to do means stop the fun and return to base. !😏
This also can be applied in many tracts of the human experience, and only personal histories can decide which way to view the words🤔
Lovely wintrous pictures Mr Brookes. I bet it was chillie around your clarts. I presume you had a vest on?
I am considering purchasing some Fagin mittens mainly to help with my drone operations which will allow some sensory finger feed back whilst maintaining a certain degree of digital cosiness. Perhaps some dinghy racing water shedding ones may be best, which will be used up Loch Fyne as aircooled engines afford no heaters! 🌨☃🌬☔️💨❄️⛈
Porthmadog they will protect from sand blasting.🌬🌪🦀
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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"I was owed a couple of hours so I slipped Sabrina over the bank for".........................................
Thought that was going to be an "interesting tale" of you and your secretary!!!
A BHC Marlin mk3 and Coastal Pro  Owner

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There was a brief window of better weather this week,  and I was owed a couple of hours so I slipped Sabrina over the bank for quick late afternoon run. Just to the other side of Epney, about a 12 mile round trip all told. I was tempted by the Anchor but I was losing the light so made the 'sensible' choice instead  ::)

Ian Brooks
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