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Kip you're wasted!  :-*
I blame the chocolate lickure! ;)
"A Well Wishure"
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Well done Kip, gold star for you ;D
The link below will help the rest of you


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Is it because they can't spell?
Or because they understand the difference between Octal and Decimal!!

Kip   8) 8)

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Should have said that you need to watch the small picture as well.



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Here's one for the people using fuel injected engines with an external fuel pump , the one from a De Lorean DMC12, part number 580254984 will work  :) :) . Really useful website this is :) :)

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I wonder if this actually works?

No. It would violate the first law of thermodynamics, which basically says that you can't end up with more energy than you started with. Water contains very little energy, so if water were to create motion then we would have more than we started with.

Petrol, on the other hand, contains lots of energy. When we burn it we end up with water and carbon dioxide, both of which have little energy. So the energy of the petrol has to go somewhere - and it ends up as work and heat.

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jewellers rouge. mix into a paste and sharpen a piece of dowel. soak the dowel in water for a few mins and rub the scratch in the direction of the scratch.
then when it's out polish it the mop. should work with the stuff you have. the stik is the key.

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I wonder if this actually works?

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You know when you buy something to fix a problem but don't think it will work? But U think to yourself its only a tenner its worth a try!
Well just used a car windscreen scratch removal kit, came with a bottle of compound, a drill polishing head, various sponges and cloths! You basically polish out the scratch wet mop style!

So did it:

a) get rid of every scratch, after half and hour of work, quite frankly a bloody miracle

B) do bugger all, was a waist of money

C) make the windscreen many times worse

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Isn't that known as clocking Philip  ;) ;)

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It's sequential now.
There's no such thing as bad weather, you're just wearing the wrong jacket!!