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Chris Simpson's Mustang website - In 2004 Chris Simpson imported an Airlift Mustang AS600A from Australia. Read about it here.

Hoverholic - Wouter built a serious cruising hovercraft in the Netherlands, even though it's illegal to fly one there! Read all about it here.

Hovercruiser - Build diaries and hover-diaries for three cruising hovercraft

Kelley Jernigan - The Hovercraft Resource.

Richard Evans - Richard Evan's built an aluminium craft. Here's is the build blog!

Steamboat Willy - "Steam Boat Willy, Pedal Powered Hovercraft"
www.tegwin.demon.co.uk - Duncan Hine has built a wooden Viper.
James' Hovercraft Site - An extensive site with videos and pictures of hovercraft from around the world.

Hovercraft Museum - Hovercraft museum Hovershow images and other general hovercraft information
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