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Jul 20, 2020, 9:42 pm
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Now looking at the picture you might think the problem would be the 3 ft breaking wave on the right foreground. Actually, the real problem was that I was still taking video! Long after Nick announced on the radio that his phone was put away - sensible move. So what didnt see was the 5 ft standing waves that you can just see as shadows in the background. Given that the wavelength was only 6 or 8 ft, they were seriously steep, and deep, and I was about to be in them beam on! The video goes black a second later as the iphone gets chucked to the floor - far more serious things to worry about, like broaching in those little buggers! However, with Barry Palmers fantastic skirt design under me I needn't worry, even at 45 degrees  :o it does not collapse and the truly awesome buoyancy picked me up out of the trough and gave me another chance - which I did NOT waste! Full power, hard to port and taking the waves on the bow I had a much better chance, and was soon out of the mess. Phew, a tad shaken if the truth be known, but WHAT a craft  - it took that test and came up good  :)

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