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When the material being inserted is intended to draw public attention to a business or to the products and services it provides AND the material author owns, is employed (directly or indirectly) by, receives reward from or has a financial interest in the same business.

Any business involved in hovercraft related activities or the supply of products or services of interest to hovercraft enthusiasts is, at the discretion of the HoverClub Committee and provided they are currently hold full club membership, entitled to a single free advert entry in the Hover Info (Suppliers or Manufacturers) section of this web site and may include a single undecorated tag line of up to 100 characters in length in their signature (which may include a web site or email link).  Adverts can consist of up to three images (maximum size 400x500 pixels each) and up to 300 words of text including web site links (please supply your advert copy using the Contact link at the top of the page).

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