Hovercraft Design

Designing a hovercraft from scratch has to be one of the most difficult things you could do! 

Unfortunately the odds of a new design working successfully are extremely low - even when designed by  a professional engineer!  The main reason is the wide combination of engineering disciplines and knowledge required to achieve a working design (mechanical, electrical, pneumatics, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and power transmission to name but a few!).

The buttons above link to our unique range of tools and software which will assist in both designing a hovercraft and servicing/maintenance.   If you intend to design from scratch then we would strongly recommend first using our world-class performance calculator - it should ensure that the fundamentals of the design are good enough to guarantee it will actually work!

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience available from the members of the HoverClub - if you have questions please ask and someone will almost certainly have and answer.

Good luck!

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