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HovTube / Re: West Coast Cruising
« Last post by Warby on Today at 9:22 AM »
Hi John
Screen shots shoeing what happens when I click on "HOME" in club page

Photos would open ok, Great photos by the way
HovTube / Re: West Coast Cruising
« Last post by John Robertson on Today at 9:13 AM »
Probably Facebook permissions I suspect - I've posted the direct links which should be OK.
HovTube / Re: West Coast Cruising
« Last post by Warby on Yesterday at 11:03 PM »
When you try to open either link you get a message "this is not available"
HovTube / Re: West Coast Cruising
« Last post by John Robertson on Yesterday at 9:44 PM »
More pics of this event can be found on Facebook

... and some video
General / Re: Medway Cruise Weekend
« Last post by Phil Macleod on Oct 11, 2021, 6:05 pm »
Hi Nick

We are planning return to the Med already. Had some great feedback on refinements (anyone feel free anyone to critique on wants or improvements)

Next time we would love you to be there i have loads of questions to pick your brains.
On the plus side Segas expected a little complaint or two so are relaxed.

Sorry to hear about the complaint against you but sometimes people just like to whinge.

From our side all craft left and all pilots and crew came back smiling so happy days

General / Re: Medway Cruise Weekend
« Last post by Nick Flint on Oct 11, 2021, 5:52 pm »
Well done to all attendees. SO sorry I could not make this event, but will hopefully make the next event.
"Quiet but ugly" (I think its the craft they mean?)

Yes, complainers will always be there and find sufficient energy to urge others to join the
"US against THEM!" moaners.
Someone should do something about all this " fill in various here"
Some people believe "the outside" is THEIRS to guard against anything that goes against
THEIR interpretation of what is acceptable.
Usually other opinions are deemed "misguided" and often with the backing of - Its MUST be wrong because I dont like it,,,,,
Just PERHAPS --- IF NO-ONE ever moans--- perhaps we aren't trying enough???
Dont worry Phil, Ive had people complain, even when I rescued a 10 yr old boy and dog as he was cut off by the tide, thus I saved an RNLI callout. The beach warden remained adamant, so I declared I would not return to "his" beach ("so neeeerh")    ::)

It left a nasty taste to my day tho, but MOST swallow their dislike, letting us get on with our bit o' fun  8)

General / Re: Medway Cruise Weekend
« Last post by NickR923 on Oct 11, 2021, 8:31 am »
What a cracking weekend Gents,
My thanks to All those involved in organising the cruise, but a special mention to yourself Phil and to Darren.

Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to the committee and members of SEGAS for allowing us to use the excellent facilities; not many yacht orientated clubs want noisy, sand and mud throwing hovercraft near them and I do understand that! Unfortunate as it is, there will always be complainants.

Great area, great weekend, great company!!

Thank you All
General / Re: Medway Cruise Weekend
« Last post by Phil Macleod on Oct 11, 2021, 8:10 am »
Well for a first Segas event i think it went pretty well

Saw a post about a local on the medway who'd been there for 60 years and these hovercraft upset him the worlds gone to ruin since Brexit etc !

That aside, putting this thing together has further strengthened by respect for Rob and his team with LSC can't wait to get back there in December.

Everyone at Segas was really made up with the turnout and variety of craft, if we can start to run an event 'regularly' that is as good as LSC then as a community we are in a great space.

It was a real shame a couple of people cou[size=78%]ldn't join us this time, but from the noise I hear a second event will happen next year. I plan to be away for that month and the month before so someone else can run with it ![/size]

On a side note it has been mentioned about creating a different type of membership for those that may want to join but can only come dome a few times a year ... watch this space.

General / Re: Steering morse cable rod ends.
« Last post by Steve Holland on Oct 04, 2021, 9:54 am »
I've twin 5mm joints on to unf in my steering, it works fine especially if threaded on a reasonable distance and the lock nut is engaged.
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