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General / Re: Scottish Hoverin 2024
« Last post by Kim Taylor on Yesterday at 7:23 PM »
Sorry to read this Mike :(
For a variety of reasons, Val and I can't make it to actually hover this year but are planning to be at the Argyll Camp Site on Friday 31st May so say hi to anyone who's there so it would have been good to see you Mike. Good luck with the Sev work.

Hope the rest of you guys get light winds and decent weather for this year's event.
General / Re: Scottish Hoverin 2024
« Last post by Nick Flint on Yesterday at 9:56 AM »
Weather app (XC weather) declares low winds with varying cloud for the early part of the event, so fingarse crust   - matters stay like this. My Skirt repairs may just last a little longer! ::)
General / Re: Scottish Hoverin 2024
« Last post by Nick Flint on Yesterday at 9:53 AM »
Gosh Mike- its all rather disrupting for you, so we wish you well in the hard work ahead.
Thanks for letting us know.
Nick and Jane Flint
General / Re: Scottish Hoverin 2024
« Last post by Mike Bingham on May 20, 2024, 11:13 pm »
Unfortunately I will not yet again be attending  Loch Fyne. I have my mothers house to clear and sell .Probate came through last week and the house next to my daughter's house in Shrewsbury has come up for sale. it makes sense as the years are advancing to grab it with both hand., That means i will also have to get my house ready for letting so at the moment i don't have the time or money for Scotland maybe something later in the year? Pete my son in law and myself have been working to recommission the Sevtec and we are nearly there so may try to get to black rock sands later in the year for some trials . Hope you all have a great time as usual  :D ;)
General / Re: Scottish Hoverin 2024
« Last post by Al on May 20, 2024, 9:14 pm »
Becky and I will hopefully be down for four nights from the 29th.  Without the hovercraft, as will have the wobble box in tow.  We have booked a pitch on Argyll caravan/ campsite.  We were meant to be spending 8 days on Stornoway, but that's off the cards now because of reasons out of our control.  Luckily we have managed to get a full refund from Calmac and the campsite, but that's insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  Anyway we'll see some of you next week :)
General / Re: Scottish Hoverin 2024
« Last post by Ian Brooks on May 19, 2024, 9:46 pm »
Craft is ready. Trailer is ready. All that remains is packing and provisions.  ;D
HovTube / Re: Wet!
« Last post by Nick Flint on May 18, 2024, 9:57 am »
Yes, that's "raining"!
At least you have your roof  ;)
HovTube / Wet!
« Last post by Ian Brooks on May 18, 2024, 6:28 am »
Whenever I even think about picking up my life jacket it starts to rain!!!
For Sale & Wanted / British Hovercraft Company Marlin for sale
« Last post by Al on May 08, 2024, 9:18 am »
I've decided to sell my Marlin, mainly as it's just not getting used for one reason or another and if I'm honest I'm a Sevtec Guy

I bought the Marlin last year from a chap near Perth who had it given to him by his family for his 60th Birthday.  He only used it for a few hours around his paddock and never tried it on water.  The hover spent most of it's life with him sat in his garage. First time I tried it on water I made a hash of getting over the hump and got soaking wet and the engine started to misfire, so I realised that no attempt had been made to marinize the engine.  So I have now sorted that out.  I wish I had watched the flying fish video first on how to get the Marlin over the hump.

Things I have done to the Marlin are:

Move the air filter from a couple inches off the floor to above the engine.  I was not happy with having an air filter that close to the floor, as if a wave or heavy rain  hit, it had the potential to suck in water and kill the engine, when you need it most.

I've fitted a new VHF radio and antenna.

Fitted a new starter motor, as the brushes kept sticking on the old one.

fitted a bent exhaust tail pipe, so no chance of rain  running down the exhaust into the engine.

I've also built a galvanised trailer for the hovercraft which unlike some hovercraft trailers has an IVA certificate "so is legal to tow and won't compromise your car insurance".   There should be my trailer build thread on this forum.

I'm looking for £7000 or sensible offers in that region.  I may even do a deal for a motorbike or car, "try me"

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