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Thanks Steve and Al  Trade grip PVC ordered !
Mike B

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Tradegrip PVC - £14.50 : The Glue People!, Adhesives & Sealants UK

Probably a good idea to phone them, I've always found them very helpful.  I'm pretty sure this is the glue I used on my Sevtec skirts

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'The glue people ' do 'Trade grip pvc ' it's the stuff I've used for years. Renia do a similar glue.
You'd be better to weld the seams if you can, it's easier than you would think.
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I'm thinking of buying some skirt material from a company called Rivertex. Steve Holland has done some comparison tests on it against pvc skirt material,  it's a lot more robust.

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I'm sure its mentioned on here somewhere, but would someone be good enough to tell me the  name of the correct adhesive for my Sevtec skirt material And best place to buy ?  Final last weekend my son in law and I managed to move the two block and tackle to a position suitable to lift the hovercraft off the trailer. I can see a couple of small holes by the lift fan and seams that are beginning to part on the edges
Thanks in advance
Mike B
Mike B