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thanks for the advice.

no secret what im building, its a new craft. I sold the osprey clone, and the moulds.

I'm not as well as i used to be, so need something thats nice and comfy to sit in.

building the workshop to build the craft in at the moment, which is slow going.

ive got the duct, fan and drive train, just need to make the hull :)

ive looked at the the fault code readers and will almost certainly get one, and probably pack spare engine sensors as well as the normal spark plugs.

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John, we're using the 25hp version in the 1387 Sqn craft. We've run it but unfortunately its untested as a hover motor as yet. I can help with wiring connections if you need them. I also have a collection of manuals for them on PDF if you want a copy.
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I discussed these with B+S tech department, and apparently you can get techo interrogators of the electronic systems should an error come up and limit your craft to limp home mode. That was the reason I swerved away. The guys in USA tune these to around 50 bhp but as you say reliability may indeed "reduce?"
My approach is to ensure efficiency of the craft is foremost, and then ive found my 35BHP  was enough for most times.
They are bound to be a nicer and smoother / economical engine, but im a bit of a plodder by nature!  ;)
Enjoy! I too ask what craft, or is it your previous craft?
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I've had a couple of Kholer EFI engines and they are sweet.  Should be no reason the Briggs is any different, as the carb version has proven to be very reliable over the years.  What are you building Jon or is it still a secret?

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got meself one of these,

does anyone run one, im going to remove the govener and go through it to water proof the odd bits and peices, any advice on that appreciated.

wonder if it could be remapped to squeeze out another 3 of 4 hp and still be nice a reliable?