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  • SEGAS Overnight Campout: Jul 30, 2022 - Jul 31, 2022

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Hey Nick,

great to hear from you trust you are far this is the most info we have announced on the WhatsApp group ( all welcome, its mainly hovercraft chat but not entirely. ( )

Looking at doing our October Segas Mega BBQ Hover cruise / possible camp depending on interest and Weather.. the Planned weekend 15th and 16th of October 2022 Save the Date

I think the October one will be a refined and improved version of last years, I think it will be a tad too cold to camp, but I may be wrong. Darren and I have taken onboard all last years feedback to make it better. so we will probably do two days crousing starting and ending at Segas each day.

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Unfortunately im in North of Scotland, (family wedding) so cant make these dates.
Unsurprisingly, Ive nothing yet booked for October, so is there any chance of an early heads up on the likely date, to increase the chance of being able to attend. Will October be more of a day trip rather than a hypothermic blast?  :o

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sweet mate should be fun

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Count me in Phil!!


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Hey all,

We are going to do the first overnight camp from SEGAS. its about @80nm round trip.

We will leave SEGAS about 11am and then head to Whitstable for lunch. (@25nm)
Leaving Whitstable we will head up the the Thames past All Hallows. arriving about 6pm for a BBQ / Drink and campout.

The following day we'll have breakfast head over towards Canvey Island, Southend and a little jaunt back to Segas where we will have a few beers giggles and usual stories. Those that remember last time we have taken all the points onboard, upgraded safety briefing, better navigational aids for when we are en route and most importantly a few better upgrades on bar stock.

We have a couple of break points on the Sunday for food etc depending on how people feel. we have safe storage for fuel on route as well if needed. Just shout we can accommodate most things, including if you just want to do one day.

Bring your own camping gear, we will be camping on an almost secret beach
we will provide lots of BBQ food but feel free to bring your own
We will provide some Drinks - feel free to bring your own.

There is a £10 fee to store you stuff overnight at SEGAS (for non members, this is actually £25 but it will be subsidised) and launch and yes we can arrange some overnight accommodations for camper vans on the Friday night just mail us and we'll let you know more.

There will be an honesty jar towards the BBQ and Drink if you want to eat / Drink ( those of you that remember the last one know the food will be good) ( this year we will have ore readily available firelighters)

There is a second Octoberfest one lined up as well for those that can't make this one. any questions shout.
if I have filled this form in incorrectly shout louder.

Hopefully see some of you then, a booking in form will be sent a week before the event
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