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I went on the Rhone Raid twice, 1998 and 2004. Skirts stood up fine, we travelled from camp site to camp site every day, doing 40 to 50 miles each day. At all the dams, there was either a lock system we used or went up long long concrete slipways, on the top hovered past the dam walls and back down long slipways. up top was sometimes very very dusty !  Fellow hovercrafters always helped out in difficult spots .
Regards, Francois Malan

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I’ve hovered round dams in France but by special arrangement. Absolutely wrecks skirts!
Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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You would probably have a problem keeping it inline with the towing vehicle.  No friction to the ground to stop it finding the natural cambers and hence sliding that way.  I could be wrong, but that's my thoughts

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Ok, this may seems silly but it got me wondering if it was possible.  I am near a river that has multiple dams on it with launches nearby on either side but only accessible by road and not necessarily right next to each other.  So here is a silly question.  If I were to hover up one launch, keep the lift motor running and attach a T bar with a small wheel and pull the hovercraft along to the next launch, do you think it would be considered being towed by the local authorities if no one were in it?   ;)