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Hi Nick, the aesthetics of the blue hovercraft looks great and different from that popular SecTec models I have seen. Perhaps, as you suggested sticking to the plans but updating the aesthetics may be a more reasonable approach. I read the SevTec surveyor plans is free, how do I place an order?

« Reply #10 on: Apr 26, 2022, 8:17 pm »
I will echo what Nick and Ronnie have said.  I have built lots of hovercraft, some from kits & some from plans.  From all the craft I have built and owned, Sevtec are by far my first choice and if I were to build another hover it would be a sevtec design.

Ronnie's Hovercraft was one of mine (green version).  Personally I like building hovers more than flying them, but I'm weird  :D :-X [size=78%] [/size][size=78%]  [/size]

It all depends on what you want from a hovercraft of course.  If you want nimble and high speed, then Sevtec is not for you, but if you want something that is reliable, sea worthy, can carry several people and spare fuel, tools & spares and can cope with some pretty big waves, and reach a decent speed across water, then Sevtec is the way to go. 

Only person that I know personally that has built and flown a UH 18 is John Robertson.  Check out his website : [size=78%]UH18 (hovercruiser.org.uk)[/size]   John is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to operating a light cruising hovercraft.

There was a chap near Glasgow that was building one a few years ago, but I can't remember his name and not sure if he ever finished the hover.

My biggest concern with the UH design is the front fan is susceptible to wave impact and lack of space onboard for such a large craft.

Just my two pennies worth.

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When I came along into hovering in 2017 I went around and talked to various people and groups……Then……
I decided on a Sev….and boy am I glad I did.
I thought hovering would be a passing whim. I expected that I’d get bored because the craft would disappoint.
It doesn’t, it takes Karen, me and our dog Polly on some great trips. I’ve camped in it, on a trip with John And Steve. Had some brilliant holidays with the folks up at Loch Fyne.
I’ve never owned another type, the folks that I’ve met at Liverpool etc have other types that seem to do the job well to…….but I have to say If you want something that works…….I mean really does the job I honestly can’t fault old Kermit.
As Nick said It’s a Sev when I got it I decided to make it a new suit.
From my research, you can make something ugly into something more aesthetically pleasing……….but if you have got something that’s a bad design and doesn’t work ……..ts always going to be a bad design that doesn’t work.
It won’t work and you will get disheartened and give up…..my thoughts would be get a Sev or something proven and have some fun.

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Knowing very little about the UH (as I favour the SevTec and Otter designs and concepts)-
1.It is perhaps a generally accepted wisdom to---- stick to the plans!
IMHO this IS a very good attitude for any craft build, in that the plans -work.
Altering them with the intention of improving a UH does not seem "sensible" (if I can be so blunt)
If a chosen UH needs improving for you to build it--
2 Then why not choose a SevTec as they perform better, exactly as they should, OUT of the box, time and time again.
The only UH I have had the unfortunate experience to be near---was the worst hovercraft both in build (NOT the designers fault!) but in general concept to be a VERY interesting (shocking) hour looking over.
Design of hovercraft has come on in huge leaps since the dark ages of olden times.
I dont know whether UH or Sevs were designed first.
3 I DO KNOW that Barry Palmer (SEV) was an inspired designer, so as such his OLD designs STILL work superbly.
"ARGH- The Laws of Physics canna be ignored " He KNEW his stuff. All genuflect to the West please,,,, ;)
4 As mentioned especially on these hallowed pages--- the aesthetics CAN be improved upon vastly- see Ronnie Legges craft- KERMIT basically a sev but with "pretty clothes"!
Sorry Ron! 8)  visible on various videos in the --video section! Its blue tho, not green but thats another story.
All (as ever) In My Humble Opinion ;)

Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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Thanks Windcol for the information, I saw the UH18 on facebook. Looks quite good but little information was put forth. It appears the Hovercraft community prefer the traditional hovercraft to the Hoverwing.  I have been wondering why the UH18 is not popular. I am considering building a smaller modified version of a hoverwing if it is worth it. I think getting the plans should be my starting point.

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Hi Ombor, Not sure if this is of interest, there is a UH18 for sale in LLanelli wales on Facebook market place. sys it 2017 and asking £8000. Not sure of condition but if you type "Hovercraft" in to search on FBMP it will come up.
Cheers windcol

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it appears so, Eric, I have been trying their website for a while. I thought they were doing great. just wondering why they went bankrupt. Should I say the hovercraft construction business is not doing so great globally?

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Hi Francois, Sad to hear your plans foe the watercraft are long gone. However, nice to hear you built one those years. Perhaps, I can learn one or two things from your experience with building and using the watercraft. I am considering I could look at the plan and build something smaller where possible. What was your experience like when you were buildig it.

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I built one between 2000 and 2009, found it big and cumbersome , very prone to weathercocking !  Plans are long gone !   Needs big area to "fly" and you are sure to get the locals on your neck , no place for your seaplane !   I dumped the hull etc in the Northern Cape, South Africa , never regretted it !   Regards, Francois Malan

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Hi Omber, I read somewhere that they've filed for bankruptcy. Their site's certainly not working. cheers.

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Does anyone know where I can get the UH 18 hoverwing Plans and construction handbook? It appears to be difficult to see around since the Universal Hovercraft website went down