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Any update on the second week John?
Not yet.  The site at North Ledaig is excellent (has space, launching, trailer storage, beach craft parking, etc.)  BUT it's SSW facing so would be subjected to prevailing weather.  The one at Airds Bay (Loch Etive) only has one pitch (but has chalets) with a good sheltered location.  I've got to visit a couple of others a bit further north to check them out (assuming the endless rain-wind-wind-rain stops sometime soon!).

Any other location suggestions welcome!

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Any update on the second week John?

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No I haven't

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Have you spoken to Edwadee since he bought your Vanguard?
I often think about it and wonder if it is being sorted out or just sitting in a garden somewhere.
I really hope it gets fixed and used as it should be.

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I've provisionally put my name down, as at the moment I'm not working the first week, but our shifts are changing from April, so, at the moment I can't guarantee.

I should probably stay away anyway, as it will only make me want to start building again  :D

I'll be having a pantomime all on my own ??? Oh no you wont, Oh yes I will. :-\  
Oh dear I need to lie down ;D

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Ready and willing! Craft needs a little TLC in the "skirtal zone" to enable swishing past everyone with just a gossamer whisper --->
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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sounds great - love to attend and sent you a message John.

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The 16th year of the famous Scottish Hoverin at the premier hovercrafting location in the UK (Loch Fyne). 

All are welcome for any part or all of the event dates.

Event is mainly based at the Argyll Caravan Park near Inveraray which takes touring campers and caravans (no tents) and has static caravans for hire).  Plenty other accommodation is available in the local area (probably wise to book something if you are attending on the Bank Holiday weekend as it can be busy).  Launching/parking is available at the caravan park.  If you have any problems finding any thing please contact me and I'll try to help.

For newbies, we normally use VHF channel 72 for inter-craft comms.  if you PM me with your mobile # I'll add you to the WhatsApp group we use for organisational stuff.  There is some useful info HERE on the area with some basic safety info (a bit dated but hopefully useful for "newbies" to this event).  Note that there is now only on filling station in Inveraray and it's NOT open at the weekend so bring some fuel with you if possible.

I hope  that we'll be able to organise a two-location event this year - for those that wish.  The first week  (at least) will be at Loch Fyne with a few days (or a week) near Oban (either North Ledaig or Loch Etive).  Don't book the 2nd week just yet as I need to confirm location!

Hopefully there won't be any travel restrictions by then but this is just a heads-up on what I hope will be possible (i.e it's all subject to change at short notice)!

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