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As this is the second part within a framework of THREE parts, I guess -
This is the middle bit.
As everyone ELSE had left --- leaving only the Flint/Legge dynamic duo craft to carry the flag.
The others (sometimes referred to as, "The part timers") would return for the tail end of our sojourn.
The flavour gradually changed to a more gentille perambulation rather than the sometimes BUSY BUSY
when there are a lot of craft.
This "Middle bit" was as chilled as a melon on an ice cooled platter with a wafting breeze playing across the edges.
Temperatures were as we've come to EXPECT in the high thingies so a little relaxin', huntin' and fishin' was carried out,
(without the huntin').
Its a short one but the next video is BIG (Part THREE) for those of a poor mathematical persuasion----- ::) 
PS beware of "grown ups with their tongues visible)  :o

Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT