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Understood and accepted all aspects.
It is (after all) "just a bit of fun" and as such I believe we all contribute differently, but the
main thing is we all contribute!
Thanks of course also go to "Kazzer and Razzer" for actually SUGGESTING this meet.  :-*
Thank you Polly for keeping my feet warm.
I believe we can feel " deservedly fortunate" that we have these get togethers.
Being a somewhat "Disparate crew" (not DESPERATE") we bring such different views, but with our common interest running through like  a stick o' rock!
Video Part 2 will show Ian what FABULOUS weather he missed and we pray this causes him little long term harm.
Im already planning Part 2 and hope that my current 95% job on the vids is acceptable, as we all know that last 5% improvement can take another 50%!
The Oban / Etive trip deserves its own vid (to be named - Part 3)  ;) 
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Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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Lost my post while modifying.
I know these videos take significant time to make by contributors. Some nice memories are brought back to life with them, much appreciated.
There's no such thing as bad weather, you're just wearing the wrong jacket!!

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Rocking a "Scott of the Antarctic" look, there Nick.

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Thanks Nickā€¦That was great.
Now looking forward to No2.

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It was a memorable meet for so many reasons, not least the weather variability!! It was also good having Mr Brooks up as he raises the bar in tech talk although he is easily distracted from such musings by the mention of real ale, a bit like the dog in the film 'Up' when a squirrel appears.

Memories of a cheese and onion toastie care of Ron and Karen in Oban with Polly at my feet, Polly must be one of the most travelled dogs to go by light hovercraft.

The maker of this film, I'm not sure but his visage may have appeared in shot once or is it twice never fails to instigate a titter often in a similar way to Frankie Howard ( I know he's long gone but not forgotten) with added intellectualism.....mostly :-)

Our host, the glue behind these get togethers who's craft often provides a base for tea and conversation within  especially when its wet out!

It was a shame about the BBV, tomorrow is another  day, hopefully it will be back up and running soon enough

Now that the  annoying noise from the Vanguard has been highlighted some investigating is required, it may have been the lentil and brussel sprout casserole that caused it which has nothing to do with the Intek engine!


There's no such thing as bad weather, you're just wearing the wrong jacket!!

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Please note This will not be entered into the Cannes Film Festival.  ;)  I have to leave other entries some lea way.
Viewers who "bore easily" should shcoosh along to 8.20 mins for the nice shot.  ::)
Sifting through acres of pictures and videos kindly shared has caused moderate difficulties
to end up with manageable footage.
Part two will be the latter half of this holiday, with Part THREE covering JUST the Oban / Loch Etive journey as the trip to end all trips
(so far) to quote JR!  8)

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Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT