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  • Cruising The Medway : Oct 09, 2021 - Oct 10, 2021Please login or register to sign up for this event.
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Thanks for the edit, I thought I got rid of them once...

I've msg'd you re the other.


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Hy Phil, Ive modified your post to remove the pesky 78% size thingies for you.
If you find they've self generated again, go into the three horizontal lines top right (next to Quote)
tap modify, then delete the critters - then click save. THIS last you must do or they come back 
On a personal note, being of a certain age I need to travel down before.
So long as the Segas guys are fully up to speed on numbers dust, noise prop draft etc.
A guy on loch fyne asked if I would blow his windows in 60 feet away.----
I replied that "i was afraid - no, as we are not that powerful!"
I guess and "politely suggest" that those that take them up on their KIND offer, should bear in mind SEGAS just might not understand quite what they are letting themselves in for initially, and as such purely on a personal note generated by me--------->
We need to perhaps tread lightly especially over any aspects this club may not yet have experience of- ie noise prop blast, dust, numbers costs.
I will be knackered after this years Hovering, but it makes up for you know what. ::)
As this sounds a great event --- we must make doubly sure we dont assume certain aspects.
I am well known for my "light touch" indeed im often referred to as "Gossemer Grenville"
but id rather not talk about that. ::)
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Thanks to John for telling me about this, I am pretty damn rubbish at this so if I've got something wrong feel free to let me know.

We are going to be flying the Medway October 9th and 10th. I'll update details as we go but there are some great places to explore.
The hover club has this page about the area  should give you an idea of what you can do.

Lots of interesting history, architecture and pubs etc all within easy flying.

All craft and people welcome, though there is only enough hardstanding for 20 craft and 6 campervans. There is no electric hookup planned - sorry

There's a premier inn just down the road which is walkable from the Clubhouse. Loads of local shops etc and a chandlery

Standard rules apply, you must be insured, bring your own lifejackets and radios. You all know the score
  • Lifejackets must be worn at all times when on the slipway and beyondCraft must be suitable for coastal cruising, not overloaded and have sufficient fuel aboard, including a reserve.VHF radios should be carried by at least one member of your craft
  • All craft to carry appropriate third-party insurance as a minimumun
  • Attendees are responsible for their own safety and the safety of those around them.
  • Whatever Covid restrictions are in place should be met.
More info nearer the time as we are finalising some of the finer points.

Be great to see the Medway team out in full and welcome some of you more remote pilots to us.

Music and BBQ are available

Clubhouse has full showers / toilets / bar / refreshments etc

There will be a charge for the BBQ and Breakfasts for those that want it.

If your interested please register - I'll confirm the details nearer the time to you
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So the date and venue are confirmed. SEGAS are relatively new to the hovercraft community and are looking to learn all about these crafts.

We have an area where the that can cover @20 craft and 6-10 camper vans (no power hookup)

We have BBQ and music and beer

It would be great to see as many people from the medway who haven’t been out much recently. It would be amazing if some of you guys from slightly further afield could join us too but appreciate its a long haul.

Just msg me for details.

There are still a few details to finalise about routes etc but theres a great cruising plan on here. I have checked out 4 or 5 areas for pub lunches as well as some of the great areas to play. Gavin is one of the local oracles if you want to know whats around.

I know another event is also in discussion for April.

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Hi Rob,

Inspired by your weekend. All welcome, just need to sort out the situation for campervans etc.

Pretty certain it wont be as polished as your event as its being put together last minute.

I’ll have more time and details this weekend if thats ok as there seems genuine appetite.

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sounds good Phil. Would this be open to anyone interested? Once you know a bit more, I could put the word around the hovercraft community up here if you would like.

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Yes please, sounds like a plan!

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thanks Nick

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Sounds good. I will see what is possible.
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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Hi All,

After the excellent cruise in Liverpool I asked the guys at Segas if they would host one for us, and the response is a yes. I am still finalising details but wondered who was up for it.

We would have the Segas Clubhouse, bar and facilities, a BBQ etc etc and launch from there as well as store the crafts there.

Hope to have full details shortly but there are some great locations to explore both days. what do you guys think.