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Selling on behalf of the owner Peter Allan is an 18ft Sevtec Prospector built in 2006 from plans - build diary is at:  http://www.hovercruiser.org.uk/index.php/building-a-hovercraft/prospector).  Planset available here: https://hovercraft-kits.com/products/download-prospector-hovercraft-4-to-7-passenger
Video of this craft in operation all over the UK can be found on Youtube at

Craft operating a few days ago:

The eagle eyed may notice the open front skirt seam - this can happen on older skirts when exposed to very high temperatures.  In fact there were three open seams on the craft at this time (since repaired) and yet it still operated as it should which shows the safety margin in the cushion!

Prospector Specifications (18ft hull)

Hull size: 18ft x 8ft (5.5m x 2.4m),cushion footprint 19ft x 10ft
Empty weight: 1000lbs (454Kg)
Max payload: 1014lb (461Kg)
Cruise speed: 25mph
Top speed: 47mph
Fuel use: 2GPH max.
Engine: Subaru EA81/82 (max weight 260lb, 118Kg), 72-84HP @ 4000rpm
Propeller: 72inch 2 blade Powerfin consuming 36HP @ 235lb static thrust, 1750rpm max
Fan: 2 x 24in diameter 9 blade 4Z consuming 36HP @ 409CFS and 12PSF, max 3500rpm
Hard hull clearance: 12in (305mm)
Cabin flat area: 4.5ft x 10ft (1.38 x 3.05m)

This craft has the legendary Sevtec skirt and cushion system giving world-beating stability, safety and controllability.  Craft can cope with wave chop up to one metre safely (more at reduced capacity) and will never plough in - unlike most other hovercraft!  It can reliably transport up to four adults in comfort under almost any conditions (max. load is 461Kg).  Well proven over 15 years of operation in UK coastal waters, this craft is a ‘proper’ hovercraft – not a toy.
Craft comes complete with a fully galvanised custom drive on/off braked trailer.  Loading and unloading only takes a few minutes and can be easily carried out single-handedly.  Trailer has a spare wheel included.

Engine is the renowned Subaru EA81, producing around 71HP @ 4000 rpm.  To reduce maintenance and extend life, the engine is ‘marinised’ – including a full stainless exhaust system, all galvanised framework, stainless fixings and sheet metal parts removed or replaced with aluminium.  Engine is fitted with the reliable Weber 32/26 carburettor.

The skirt is a low-pressure loop type manufactured from readily available PVC coated fabric (610 to 900gsm weight – commonly found on curtain-sider trucks).  The skirt on this craft is near end of life and will require replacement shortly (cost approx. £250 for materials and around 8-10 hours work – full details are included in the supplied planset and process assistance is available at hoverclub.org.uk). A replacement skirt and fitting instructions (takes around 3 hours) can be supplied at cost if required.


Supplied with two boat-grade seats on swivel, gas strut bases for maximum comfort in chop.  There is also an upholstered rear bench seat for additional passengers.

A rain hood is supplied which attaches to the windscreen edge and lift duct.  It is stored under the side deck and can be assembled in a minute or so.  During craft operation, it can be attached to the rear bulkhead and folded back to sit above the rear bench ready for rapid deployment.

Dashboard display includes GPS speedometer, tachometer, coolant temperature, oil pressure and charge warning indicators.  A DSC VHF marine radio is installed (GPS location data is supplied by the speedometer module).

Standard boat-type throttle on RHS stringer – red lever is throttle (back to increase revs), black is choke (back to apply choke).  Sevtec skirt vent ‘brake’ pedal is on floor under steering wheel.  Steering is via dual 33c type industrial control cables to rudders.  Other controls include windscreen wiper (two speed with wash/wipe function by pushing switch) navigation lights and bilge pump (activated using recirc buttons on heater panel).  Cabin heat is supplied via car-type controls on dashboard (multi speed fan and demist controls).

Fuel System
Fuel tank (located under rear bench seat) is 30 litre capacity (around 4 hours duration with reserve – about 90miles).  Fuel filter (with water trap) and fuel pump (Facet low pressure type 60104) are in the adjacent compartment.

A box of spare parts is also supplied - located LHS under bench seat. A fire extinguisher is located forward of the LHS dash bulkhead.  An automatic lifejacket is also included.


 What you will get:

 1. Prospector Hovercraft in full working order as described above
 2. Galvanised drive-on trailer
 3. Automatic lifejacket
 4. Full planset as a PDF file
 5. Engine parts list and repair manuals as PDFs
 6. Operation and maintenance manual for this specific craft.
 7. VHF radio manual
 8. Craft wiring diagram
 9. Drawings for custom parts (prop pulley, starter plate and trailer)

 All documents will be supplied in electronic form on a USB stick.
Priced to sell at £6500 - contact me via PM (click HERE) for more details.
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