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As said, it's probably a FaceBook permissions issue - outwith my control I'm afraid.

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Hi John
Screen shots shoeing what happens when I click on "HOME" in club page

Photos would open ok, Great photos by the way

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Probably Facebook permissions I suspect - I've posted the direct links which should be OK.

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When you try to open either link you get a message "this is not available"

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More pics of this event can be found on Facebook


... and some video


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That was a forced fuel stop before rounding Bute  at what must be the most expensive filling station (£1.59 per litre  :o ).

The Claunie inn on the A87 had fuel marked up a few weeks ago @ £1.65 a litre.  Not quite sure if it's pure alcohol they are selling, but I would need to be pretty desperate to buy fuel there at that price.  They were 30p a litre dearer than a small garage 15 miles up the road

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Plenty photos taken by others also ...

... scroll back a page for more.
That was a forced fuel stop before rounding Bute  at what must be the most expensive filling station (£1.59 per litre  :o ).
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Oh plenty photos and videos being taken by all of us-- but not yet uploaded onto forum or into video extravaganzas due to the time thing.

Soon there will be the exotically named
Loch Fyne Autumnal 2021 cruises------- ;)
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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I was downloading clips from our recent cruises last night as it happens. They are nothing fancy, they have Kingfisher 2, Kermit and the Explorer in them.

Nick, have a look at the 'July cruising on loch Fyne' video, it features footage I gave to John, all the external shots are of the Otter and Explorer with none of the Vanguard which I think is fine, things mostly balance out in the end  :) .
There's no such thing as bad weather, you're just wearing the wrong jacket!!

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Re: "VTA" - there were actually four other hovercrafters (and a dog) present nearly all of the time -  clearly no-one elses camera or phone was working ;)

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So glad to see a little of whilst I was still with you. The clip of my leaving the log cabin "at night" does not do justice to the falling light, as it was way darker than that, but it all adds to the little extra thrill going back to the camp site on my own!
The weather in Scotland just kept on giving, followed a few days later in Pitlochry (without hovercraft).
Those smooth water trips in blue sky are true blue heaven  8)
I was there for most of them! ;)

John, you are clearly suffering from "VTA"
It is an insidious disease that afflicts some of us, and the only cure is a fellow hovercrafter.
I shall resolve this soon as ive cleaned my craft of the "shrimpy jumpers" that STILL inhabit my
loppy craft which smells like a rotting fish farm (without the glamour)
Bleach here we COME
Thanks John, nice filming.  ;D 
Photo of "your ample rear!"

VTA-----"Video Takers Absence"

Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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Best trips ever.

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Arriving in Etterick bay was one to remember!
The veggie fry up the next morning too!!
There's no such thing as bad weather, you're just wearing the wrong jacket!!

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A few clips from the epic west coast cruising trips a couple of weeks ago!