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Hi Phil, yes it was one of the better ones, full sun and west coast hovering don't get much better 🙂.
There's no such thing as bad weather, you're just wearing the wrong jacket!!

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really nice, sounds like a ruddy good day out.

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I traveled down to Furnace on Wednesday 21st July arriving later in the day. The plan was to set off early the next morning to Loch Awe and launch from loch Awe boats slipways.
As planned we arrived fairly early in the morning on to a still loch. Cliff, the owner was very welcoming, launching costs £10, worth every penny.
After some faffing on my part John and I headed southward in perfect conditions, no wind and smooth water. We eventually stopped at Innes Chonnel castle some folks on here have been on it before. The castle is in good condition of you don't need a roof, it must have been a grand place in it's day a huge amount of history surrounding it from it's creation in the 13th century as Ardchonnel castle.

From the castle we headed on further southward with a brief stop to repair a small tear in the drain hole of the Otter, John had noticed some 'drag' that shouldn't have been there. The repair was done in Horse fly infested site with leaches thrown in as an additional incentive to move on, I think John's entirely reasonable choice of wearing cargo shorts gave the flies ample feeding opportunity.
From the repair site we continued past many Crannogs which at first glance look relatively uninspiring, it's only when you take time and look at the scale and number of them that their significance becomes apparent. The Crannogs were used on loch Awe from 500BC to the 16th century as sites for living on.
We stopped briefly  at Fincharn castle before heading to the head of the loch. At the head of the loch there is a small bay called An Loden, we circled past the restaurant outdoor centre there and briefly stopped on a beach nearby to have lunch, this did not happen for long, the horse flies wanted their blood so we moved on stopping onshore once again before deciding that an island may have less annoying flies on it. We eventually stopped on a small island with two Ospreys on it, after a brief amount of calling the Ospreys settled down, mainly as we were out of sight of them when having our lunch with the Kelly kettle back in use for heating the water.

From Osprey Island we headed Northward to Inshail island for a stop over before going round past the hydro station and to the barrage at the end of the loch, the barrage is used to regulate the outflow of the loch in to the river Awe.
From the barrage we passed the hydro visitors centre which was empty and headed round in bright sunshine to Kilchurn castle, unfortunately the castle is barrier-ed off awaiting renovation so no opportunity to get a view up the loch from it. From Kilchurn castle we headed back to the launch site and an extremely dusty landing in the boat yard there !!!

A really nice days hover cruising with plenty of stops along the way and hovercraft to cool us down in between stop off's. Both craft performed well in idyllic conditions.

60 miles covered
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There's no such thing as bad weather, you're just wearing the wrong jacket!!