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both mate. I have pride of place just a little hover to the gate.

« Reply #6 on: Jul 06, 2021, 12:18 pm »
So are Segas letting you keep your craft there or are you just launching?
If you can do both then I might look at joining and keeping one of my craft there rather than filling up my garden.

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Thanks Ian,

Agree re the way forwards. The more we are at the 'top table' discussing safe and sensible usage of the river for all craft the better it is for us all. The Segas guys were actually saying that they want to welcome more hover and as a club and community to put their weight behind us as long as we show we are responsible. So really positive vibes, if there is one club on the medway then hopefully its a blue print for working with others.

Thanks for the tip I have the Radio exam next week and I am on a powerboat and RYA course shortly, for exactly the reasons you outlined. To be honest as a newbie the more that I can show I am part of the community both hovercraft and marine in general the easier I suspect my life will be.

more newbie updates finish.

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Really good to see you've found a boat club to welcome you. This is the way forward, more people get to see responsible hovercraft operators and we get access to good facilities.

Ignore this if you've got experience already, but if not the RYA courses are a really good foundation to the "rules of the road" which really help when mixing with other marine traffic 
Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Hi Gavin,

I am down Friday as it happens and probably Sat/Sun as well - all dependant on weather.

Be great to actually meet you. In fact Mark the guy with the Marlin at Gillingham Marina was talking about you looking after his craft when the BHC warranty runs out.

Their view actually was that they will welcome Jet skis and Hovercraft as it's a great way from them to learn more about them and for us to respect the area for boaters.

Re the gate, there's a lock with a digit code and 24/7 access. my CP fits nicely through it, it will fit even better when I get used to steering it :)

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I’m surprised you were welcomed at SSC, some of the boat clubs on the Medway can be hostile to hovercraft.
I have been involved with the local boating association for quite a few years now and have contacts in all the boat clubs.
Also, I thought SSC’s gate onto the beach wasn’t easily opened?
Give me a shout if you’re down this way.

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Hi all,

As a new owner I was trying to find a home on the medway. The segas guys have been amazing, really welcoming people..second only to your good selves. They love the coastal pro and event want more hov members :)

if you're  ever in the area let me know always up for learning more.

There is also Mark in gillingham Marina who has a marlin too, he has been a fantastic help getting me up and going.

I am loving every minute but realised how much I have to learn. just wanted to thank you all for helping me get this far.