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That is nice to know as the hulls came with a 35hp vangaurd engine and the plan was to fit that to get one up and running.

These were definitely from a corporate event company which is how we have ended up with three identical hulls. One is probably scrap but the other two just need a bit of tender loving care.

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I think they are 3.2...

If they are 3.2m then they are Marlins but personally I haven’t seen one with that seat/ tank arrangement. Looks like they’re made for running events. (I also own a yellow Marlin). 25hp would be OK for a corporate event craft running around a flat field carrying one person, but for cruising you’ll want a 35hp engine minimum.

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I think they are 3.2...I can get the details from the guy who bought them . Its a uk supplier who sold "business  opportunities"...sure they are still doing it now. that that was not a Very accurate measure meand ...it was a measurement based on "FORK THAT WONT FIT IN THE VAN"

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What length is the hull?  They look more like snappers/osprey 1 than marlins.  Osprey 1 would be a 23 - ish hp motor.  Definitely don't consider using a 2 stroke engine.

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Got the hulls back . Not the most conventional method off towing them but it worked and we arrived safely in Durham.

we were originally planning to pick up all three in one go but on the day I bought this I went over to borrow the trailer and found the second pic. It was having some major alteration and off all weeks this week. They started fitting a hiab on Weds am...that big lump off steel in the pic bottom left is "plan A" ..it did not fit. So they built a new one and it was fitted the following day. This is totally over the top for a hovercraft.

There is potential to bring this along on meets. We originally found it gave a hitch weight off over 400kg and would need a 7 tonner to tow it. We could now undo 5 bolts...detatch it for transport and get it back working within 30 mins.. Food for thought on group meets with difficult access.

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I will post some pics later. It looks like they are Marlins. Three hulls and spares but no engines. One hull is total scrap and will be completely dismantled and this will give us a change to see if there are possible weight savings to be made. Was told they take the 25hp vanguard engines...but I have not found a 25 only 22hp versions.

The guy we bought them off suggested a 2 stroke engine. Anyone have any recommendations. Initially the plan is to get the two serviceable hulls back up and running. Strip down the 3rd hull and see if there is anything (particularly any steel parts) that could be improved upon. For example I noted two rubbing strips under the hull that are held in place by some pretty hefty bolts...A narrow corrugated aluminium strip must work out far lighter.

I think this just the start of a lot off questions but anything we make will be made using a cnc plasma and cnc press brake. This will allow us to repeat anything with 100% accuracy if we make anything that actually works and so we will be able to upgrade the two working machines as we go on.

The other two machines will intitially just be used on the farm for fun. I can see no sign off any buoyancy in these things so they will be strictly land use. My ultimate aim to to take one fishing and land a fish over 200lb from a hovercraft. I was there the day it was done from a kayak ... so a hovercraft should be a piece off cake in comparison.


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Welcome onboard

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Hi Dave,
Welcome to the club.
There was someone in the USA making aluminium sevtecs many years ago, they were around the surveyor size...ish.
As far as I know they worked ok carrying the bit of excess weight of the hull.

There's no such thing as bad weather, you're just wearing the wrong jacket!!

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Hi there…..And welcome

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That will be the first thing I will post. We are picking them up on Saturday as the trailer we have is undergoing a few modifications and we encountered some problems with the hiab mounting bracket.

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HI & welcome to Hoverland  :D

Do you have any pictures of your hovercraft hulls as I'm sure someone on here would be able to identify them for you?

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Hi all. Just bought my first hovercraft today. It something I have wanted to do for nearly 30 years. This is going to turn into a build project as I have teamed up with someone with some serious workshop equipment. We have bought some used hulls and will get at least one working and use it to build a cruising craft which is probably going to be mainly aluminium. Time will tell on that.

I think I may be spending a lot off time asking questions on here...its initially going to be engine recommendations once I find the make and model of the hulls we have bought. lets get them back and running then look at a totally new build machine as a long range goal. We have just taken delivery off a 3m cnc press brake which in theory should be able to produce complex curves ( including cones) in aluminium but its still RTFM on that one.