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Oh REALLY liked ep 4. The hunch back was played by me - until I realised it was my underlying Life Jacket!
Thanks Gavin, good to see the extra footage taken inside the Castle. I dont remember the sea state, quite THAT rough, nor the considerable cloud.
I guess its just such fun it "seems to be sunny"?!
ALSO some really nice drone footage following from the grassy knoll.
Note to self- I really must practice more!  ::)
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Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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We love walking around those woods, We used to walk it everyday when we use to stay in a holiday cottage on Loch Fyne.  Last time was last August when we were down there.  The dogs always manage to collect lots of ticks

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Here's the next two video episodes of my trip to Loch Fyne.

Episode 3 is of my trip into Tarbert and hiking in the forest. There is a little bit with hovercraft in


Episode 4 is of hovering on the Monday and Tuesday, lunch trip to Otter Ferry and our group hike.