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thanks Ian,

yes I was actually looking at electric microlights as a comparison. Alongside some of new battery tech that's on the horizon which got me wondering.

Really good intel from you on the current limitations thanks for the quick response. its kind of a non starter weight and cost.

Actually agree with all your points, if its less than 2 hours its not worth it, especially with the current recharge issues.

Appreciate the reply.

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I work in the aerospace industry, and useful electric planes are just around the corner. It will start with short-hop small planes - think air taxi- which do not need long range.

State of the art battery technology has enough energy to power a 3 hour cruise with safety reserve in a 450kg pack for an Otter size craft. That’s too heavy. Whilst there are some pluses, ie. the motors are a lot lighter than the engine, it still doesn’t become feasible unless you are only taking 1 hour or so cruises.

However the biggest problem at the moment is cost - many many times more than current craft.

On the positive side, we are expecting significant improvements in battery technology in the medium term - as much as 5x better. When this happens, then an electric Otter will become feasible (although the cost issue will still need resolving)

So it’s coming, but not quite yet. I’d say 5 years for technical feasibility but perhaps longer for financial feasibility

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Hi all,

When i was looking at getting a hovercraft i started looking to see if there were any electric versions that were useful. I was emailing and lost the number but the chap i was talking too said it was the holy grail.

Is the main limiting factor the cost or weight of batteries etc
Lets assume you take a shell and skirt of an existing craft

For the running it should be a reasonably simple (ha ha) formula which combines

Weight x lift power x running time
Weight x thrust x running time

So for simple numbers lets assume that you want a 2 hour run time.
The craft is 1000 kg’s max

Just thinking on a sunday night feel free to school me or ignore me