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Hi Philip. It still swivels on its own base strut. I'll have to make a stencil of the chair holes & drill the mount as nothing lines up.

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No swivel, poverty spec :) , you need it for the cool factor of being able to sit and then swivel for start up :) 
My local scrappy has a lots at the moment so I'm getting a "new" one. He's clearing out a local factory that developed the HVAC system for a certain Mr Musk who then he pulled the plug on the deal :D :(

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Not sure what you've got exactly ( a pic would help?).  Usually we use the cheapo office chairs with the small spider base (all plastic - light and durable) and the short gas strut (various heights are available - HERE).  The top of the strut normally has a plate with a few slotted holes in it - four flat head stainless bolts will attach it to most seats.  The rollers are replaced with glides (feet),.

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Hi, OK,, I've a serviceable chair base, suitable rubber feet & a new plastic, fold-able boat seat. My question is how are you users attaching them together. Yeah,,OK,, use bolts.  :-\ 8) .. seriously though, I didn't purchase a swivel base, figuring that that was redundant. Do you trim to length, mount over centre points, make a plate or mounts? thanks in advance.