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Ended up on c-map for ipad mini. Seems to do what i want.
Waiting to get the coastal pro then i’ll get the radio. Have a couple in mind.

Just wanted to say thanks

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I use a Cobra radio, still going strong unlike the  Icom I had in the same spot on the dashboard and filled up with water! So much for IP68 I wasn’t impressed.

I have a Raymarine Dragonfly (cheapest they do is perfectly adequate) with the bundled ‘silver’ maps, no need to upgrade to gold for detail we don’t use. Actually thinking about replacing it with an Android car head unit similar to John, as you can then load marine maps and OS maps and have the choice, plus so much more in apps for tides, weather etc. And very cheap if you are happy to go with Aliexpress.
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Thanks so much guys, your legends !

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Simplest (and cheapest) chart plotter is here  Sometimes it's more useful using OS maps though as hovercraft don't have any issues with shallows and underwater objects!

Any marine VHF radio will do the job (this is a low cost one).

I've never used an intercom - just get a quiet craft with side-by-side seating and it's easy to talk to passengers (and hear the radio!).

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Mine is a cheap  ICOM M323. Its now 8 years old and still works fine IMHO.
Its got the Red panic button , :o
and plenty of buttons to press! 8)
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I have an older Cobra DSC, for internal comms there is an aviation intercom unit with aviation headsets. Regarding headsets go for less plated parts, more stainless or plastic, the salt will reek havoc on any ferrous headset parts as it did on my first sets!

There is so much choice for comms equipment, it comes down to price and features in the end.

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Sorry guys one more thing
I would like to get a plotter and a rdio with comms so i can chat to the people in the craft as well as the usual.
What are you guys using / recommending ?

Cheers, promise to stop asking newbie questions in a year or five !