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I have done standup and several events over the years.
I have also done magic, mentalism and run a venue.
I have done street performance on the mile as well.

If you fancy it then you should give it a go.  Jump on the website or look at the free fringe, there are loads of pubs who are looking for performers. Get a sound 15 minute act and have fun.

If you want to give it a go, assuming they are there this year camp with Edinburugh Festival camping and you can perform to a good size crowd for free (ive met people from the states who never got to perform to a crowd) and see the response.  Not sure if he’s performing this year but look up bently browning he’s performed more years than not and runs training courses for people. He can give you better advise than I. If you do perform let me know when and where and i’ll make sure im in the audience cheering you  on

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Hello there. What was your performance area?
I fancy myself as "a bit of a comedian"
but this mainly revolves around people tending to laugh
when I open my mouth. I fear this is "similar" to a comedian,
but wonder if I am more ridiculous than actually "funny"
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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Many thanks i am just sorting a craft out, either a marlin xl or a coastal pro.

I’ve been to the fringe loads of times and performed there so i know how busy it gets guess i’ll be on the park and ride again ! I usually stay at a camp site at ingleston by the showground, wondered if there were other options available.

Thanks for the marina details, i’ll get in touch with them. And I’ll definitely pm you nearer the time be great to get a tour guide.

Thanks again
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I'm local'ish (35 miles away)!  Launch sites are shown on the site guide HERE

Port Edgar marina should also be possible (under the Forth Road Bridge) although I've never used it.  Plenty of really interesting cruising along both the south and north shores and the islands on the estuary although it can rough at times on spring tides.  What type/size of craft do you have?

As to where to stay I can't really help with that I'm afraid - i suspect things will be pretty busy this year so early booking may be advisable.  The city centre is a high density history hotspot but there are good park and ride sites only 2 or 3 miles from the centre making it easy to visit without staying there.

Drop me a PM when you are there and we can maybe arrange meet for a cruise?

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Thanks alot, may see you there if things settle !

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I visit Edinburgh most years, nice city. I'm sure some of the natives will be along shortly.as there are lots of excellent cruising spots not too far away.
 I hope to get there later in the year too hopefully once things have settled down a little

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Hi all,
I am a newbie to all this so sorry if this is the wrong forum etc.

I am planning a trip to Edinburugh in August (I know the festival may not be on)

Can anyone give me any advice of a place to stay for a night or two or any local info for cruising places of interest for landing etc.

Cheers all