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Other approaches to this are available, but wonder what others think-----?
I'd rather have the safety advantage than be worry about being ID'ed.

The Safetrx system sounds good but I'll have to wait until mobile coverage is better in the areas I cruise (the software needs mobile data to work and many places have none - even if they have voice coverage).  I'll have to rely on the GMDSS red panic button (under the flap on the DSC radio) for the moment!

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Thanks for that Steve. I did register SSR my big previous craft, but have not "got around to" this subsequent craft.
I guess now is a good time to register, but have since fought shy of having a "reg No" in that any Tom Richard or insert other name here could "report me" for a perceived transgression, which I would THEN have to defend.
IF there no number to report, then I felt I was less likely to be involved in some tedious exchange, trying hard to put MY side of the discussion.
Other approaches to this are available, but wonder what others think-----?
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I've been going through my VHF licenses address updates. I also went to the MCA site update the  crafts SSR registration, this had lapsed after the 5 year time period and is no longer valid unless I re register for £35 on the newer registration set up. While looking in to this I came across the Coastguard approved RYA SafeTrx site which is described as a replacement for the older CG66 registration system.

Registration is easy with options to live track your journey (using mobile network servers) or to use the system only for emergency location in case of difficulty. Registration is free, seems well suited for the types of inshore journeys we make. No system is perfect, I'm sure members will highlight any benefits or downsides to the system either way it seems like a good option to have in the background.

There is actually a hovercraft option in the 'engine type' section plus pre flight/journey check lists!


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