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I sent you a PM

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Thanks Gavin, that would be helpful ,I could give him a call or he can call me,
Thought I had replied , but my post has go off into the either cheers

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Darren Pilcher is selling his Coastal Pro. He's got someone interested in it but he hasn't heard from them in a while so the craft could still be available.

I fitted new blades, pulley and belt on this craft and serviced the engines so I know it's in good condition.
It's on Ebay but I can put you onto him diretly if you're interested. Ebay no. 114726826797

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Have a word with Kevin Fenn at Norfolk Hovercraft as he maybe able to source a TS3.  Coastal pro very similar to the TS3 in size and hp.  Not many of them about either, but Kevin maybe able to help you out.

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Thanks Ian ,I'll see what info is out there on those  points,cheers

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There aren’t too many Coastal Pros around and I haven’t seen one so it’s difficult to comment. However on paper it does have some things going for it. It’s a reasonable size at just under 14ft, which is a good starting place. It’s claimed load capacity is probably a bit optimistic, for open water cruising I would say it’s more like 2 plus kit, managing 3 in more ideal conditions . The claimed noise figures are impressive, similar to that achieved by the Otter. Cabin noise however will be higher than the Otter due to the forward mounted lift engine.

It is likely to be suitable for operating on the Severn, it’s configuration owes a lot to Bryan Whites TS2, which he has operated from Berkeley for many years.  There are two key points to ask about, plough in and hump performance. If you read the buyers guide you will find more data on these subjects, and you can then ask.

If operating in the upper Severn (above Longney Crib) water starts will be routine so good hump performance is important.

If you want to call me to talk more then PM.

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Hi all, looking at a coastal pro now, are they any good and would it suit the Severn estuary as that's my go to launch place,cheers simon