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 I had vinyl wrap on my TS3 that was good it covered  the dome over the lift engine  including other parts of the craft. 8) 

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Living here on the open Atlantic coast most of our "wrappers" say most of the wraps available aren't good enough for the conditions we get. They will do it but no warranty :)
All you need is a good primer for the two pack and it will be ok.

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Clearly you will test a small hidden area before applying any different paint.
Ive found that Two pack paints are perhaps "rather unlikely" to apply reasonably over old deluxe.
Other way around, - praps - but ive found my International two pack cures like liquid steel,
Impervious to fuel spills, albatross poo and strangely even "paint remover"
I tried it on test and the two pack sat there enjoying the expectant look on my face.
Nowt 'appened.
If "dulux" worked so well, why not repeat - opens up your palette to shades of pink sunset etc  :o
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Only problem with using paint stripper, is that it can react to the polyester resin, and there isn't a great deal of polyester on the core foam to start with

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Just get Nitromors on it and scrape the old stuff off then paint it with proper paint.

There've been a few Marlin down this way with vinyls wraps and the seem to have held up well but then they've been applied onto a fresh, smooth gelcoat

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Has anyone vinyl wrapped their hovercraft/boat?

When I fit the new skirt to the Vanguard, I've decided to spruce up the upper hull with either a coat of paint or maybe wrap it in vinyl.

The issue I have is that the paint on on the hull is a Dulux gloss, so I don't know how that paint will react to a new 2K top coat, so maybe easier to vinyl wrap the hull, but I don't know how well vinyl holds up in the marine environment.

The Dulux has held up well as it has been on there a number of years, but I don't want to use Dulux next time