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Yesterday I cycled 43 miles over two rides taking my total distance this month to 225 miles, so I managed to completed my challenge of 220 miles in 8 days of actually cycling, as 6 days I was on shift with ambo.  In 3 days this week I managed to cycle over 90 miles.  No cycling today as had my second vaccine jab, back to work tomorrow for a few days, so no more miles will be added until next week.  I shall continue to add more mileage to my total this month and hopefully will achieve over 300 miles.

So far I have raised just under £200 for Diabetes UK  ;D

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That's the first week of my cycling challenge gone.  The weather hasn't been kind with strong Northerly winds, snow, hail and some sunshine thrown in for good measure.  I managed to do 5 rides because I was working over the weekend, so lost two days there.  I managed a total of 124 miles in my first week, so only another 96 miles to do.  Back to work from tomorrow morning until Monday lunchtime, so I wont be adding any miles for a few days, then Thursday next week I have my 2nd vaccine jab, so not sure if I'll be doing any that day either.

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Hopefully OK to put this on here, if not then please remove.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was doing a sponsored bike ride of 220 miles during April hopefully raising a few quid for Diabetes UK.  My main reason for doing this challenge is for personal one, as I need to lose a few pounds and a few inches off of my waist and get fit for riding in motorbike trials this year.  So in January I bought a mountain bike with the view of cycling a few miles a week to help me lose some weight and get a little fitter.  Anyway I saw this challenge advertised a week or two after buying the bike and signed up to do 220 miles in April, as it meant then that I would have to get off my Arse and do a few miles to get myself fit enough to be able cycle the 220 miles.  January I managed to cycle 100 miles.  February I cycled 170 miles, March my goal was to cycle 200 miles, but I managed 240 miles.  April hopefully I can reach my target of the 220 miles, but time will tell.  I went out this morning after I finished my shift and done 21 miles so only another 199 to go :-) I'm on nightshift tonight, then on shift from 09:00 on Saturday until 09:00 on Monday, so hopefully I can do 20 or 30 miles tomorrow, then maybe another 20 or 30 miles next week before I go back on shift on Thursday for 4 days & nights.

If your interested then you can follow my progress on facebook, I've made the relevant posts public :  [size=78%](5) Al Wilkins | Facebook[/size]

Or on my just giving page: https://cycle.diabetes.org.uk/fundraising/alan925

It would be good if you would like to donate, but as mentioned above, my main goal is that I'm using the challenge as a motivation tool to push myself to get out there and hopefully become a slimmer and fitter version of myself