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E-10 has been available here for years. There was some trouble with internal rust. It's not suitable for older vehicles as stated.

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In KingFisher ONE (which was "underused"), i would notice white deposits inside the fuel lines.
I cut lengthwise to check and found them to be "waxy" in consistency.
Perhaps "fell out of solution" from fuel onto walls?
I use KingFisher TWO more and have not noticed any yet.
Older cars and their gaskets are rumoured to be in line for damage, but a bit like "millennium bug",
which wasn't a bug nor a "threat" but caused us all much concern---
Props best to suck and see?

I believe "underuse" to be FAR more damaging, but ATM we are a little limited!

"SOON"-- 8) -- (As my late parents used to placate me with----)
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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From what little I know about it, it can react to some rubber, plastics & metals.  All engines manufactured after 2011 had to be E10 compatible.  Engines prior to 2002 maybe try not to use it, but for the amount of mileage a standard hover engine does, unlikely to make a great deal of difference other than poor starting and a slight increase in more fuel needed for same distance, so slightly more tax for the Government ;)   

Not sure what affect it will have on the rubber fuel lines and whether it dissolve them and then end up blocking carb jets or injectors.

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Hi just thought  ill bring this subject  up E10 Petroleum  with methanol will it suit most engines using in  H craft as they are
bringing it in 2021 this was mentioned on the forum approximately 2 years ago to bring down CO2 exhaust emissions  .