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Just a note that Loch Fyne caravan park still has some places left, so email them soon if you are joining in with the fun..... 8)
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Yep. agreed on all levels. Im sure it will all settle into place as we get used to behaving like free humans again, with slight restrictions understandably still in place.
As John says---Its is also correct to behave as if we are being watched (as a hover crafting group) in that we should make doubly sure we are behaving responsibly (safely) but are SEEN to be also.
I still hope to be silly in most all other respects.  ::)
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This will help.  We do ours slightly differently in that we don't swap the tonsils. 

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Last bit of reading are the Covid rules for Scotland.  Currently country is in level 3 but expected to be level 2 by 17th  (Argyll will almost certainly be level 2 as it has had very low infection levels throughout).  The rules are HERE - the main bit that affects us is:
At Level 2:
   you can meet socially in groups of up to:
  • 4 adults from 2 households in your home or theirs – and can stay overnight
  • 6 adults from 3 households in an indoor public place like a café, pub or restaurant
  • 8 adults from 8 households outdoors.

It'll probably be quite busy at popular destinations so, as representatives of our sport and visitors/guests in the area we should try our best to comply IMHO  (masks indoors, 2m distancing,  etc.).

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The LFT tests are very easy to use.  I routinely test myself twice a week because of my job.  Test takes a couple minutes to do then results are ready within half an hour.  The one I use basically you stick a swap up your nose rotate it a few times in both nostrils.  Pop the swab into a carrier liquid, squeeze the swab tip as you remove it from the carrier liquid vessel, then two drops of that liquid is dropped on to the tester.  Very similar to a home pregnancy test, but your not peeing on it.  There will be one line which shows test has worked and if positive a second line, which is what you don't want.

If the test shows positive you need to self isolate and get a proper lab test done to confirm that you are C19 positive. 

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Just a heads up on a few thing around this event.

Firstly, there is some useful info HERE on the area with some basic safety info (a bit dated but hopefully useful for "newbies" to this event).

Secondly, I'd encourage anyone attending to carry out a Covid lateral flow test before travelling to this event (guidance says to do one test three days prior to leaving and a 2nd test on the day you leave).  There are a couple of reasons for this; firstly, as a group, we all come from very different areas of the UK and will, inevitably, be in close proximity to each other at times.  Secondly, interaction with locals and other visitors is also unavoidable - to reduce risk to ourselves and others I'd strongly recommend testing.  Most of us will probably be fully vaccinated by then but that doesn't prevent asymptomatic spread (reduces it by around 50%) or the possibility of becoming infected (only 80-90% protection).  Test kits are available by mail free of charge (it's home testing so nothing to return) from HERE.

Also recommended are the Covid contact proximity App (available from the Apple App store or Google Play Store, links are HERE).  There is also an automatic (QR code) contact registration App available for use in cafes, pubs, etc. (click HERE for details and links) - everyone has to provide contacts details now unlike last time!
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Fellow Loch Fyne Hoverers - with a heavy heart I have to say that Val and I will not make it to this year's event :(

We’ll be here once you are able to lift your head, just let us know and we’ll put the first available date in the diary.

There’s still the “5 islands adventure” to be done - Chapel Rock, Denny, Sulley, Flat Holme, and Steep Holme! All it needs is a good stable high pressure and good tides! Or maybe a quick run out to the Purton Hulks to begin with!
Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Yep, Argyle Campsite's  confirmed MY request to extend to TWO weeks also  8)
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Happy to organise something up here if anyone interested  ;)

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Just got confirmation for extended stay at Argyle

« Reply #35 on: Apr 30, 2021, 9:21 am »
Lets hope a "later in the year" adventure could materialise.....
Porthmadog, Mersey, Loch Fyne, Severn, Grimsby----
We promise to leave some fun for you guys once you're able to rejoin us.
Nick n Jane ;)
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Sorry to hear that Kim.
Hopefully see you both before next year.

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Sorry to hear that Kim, but family matters have to take priority. 

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Fellow Loch Fyne Hoverers - with a heavy heart I have to say that Val and I will not make it to this year's event :( :(

My 91yr old Dad's mental and physical health has been declining for the last couple of years but has suffered a dramatic downturn within the last few months. As a result, he has asked me to find a care home for him to move into and we are in the process of moving him into a home and preparing his bungalow for sale to pay for his care.
The process will simply not be completed in time for us to get to this year's Scottish Hoverin. We are both terribly disappointed but wish you all a successful, safe and fantastic adventure - we will be there in spirit!
Later in the year, when all this is behind us, we are really looking forward to meeting up with you guys - maybe even in Scotland - for some hover-fun.
In the meantime, I assume that there will be a plentiful supply of Jarl and/or Workbench (as I'm not there to jinx it!) and that the mandatory trips to the brewery, Oyster Catcher and now perhaps Rothesay are duly "lubricated" in the usual manner. Please apologise to the guys at Creggans as their takings of beer sales will be down in my absence :P
Have fun guys - don't forget to post pictures/videos!
All the best,
Kim and Val

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Thanks John.
Ive sent email to Argyle site with fingarse crust, for Friday 28th May ---->Friday 11th June.
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