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It is well built and a significant design effort.  However ... it weighs 1.5tons empty which, for a basic flat platform (no superstructure), is probably 3x what it should/could).  He hasn't done any dynamic load testing that I can see (only static on a flat surface with a lift-only bed to 5000lbs) and there isn't any data on the lift fan performance so there could be a nasty surprise in store when load testing is done on the final craft.

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Check out this FB page what a well built machine!!!!

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More on the Hovertoon
Hovertoon™ is a combination of a hovercraft and pontoon boat with multi-terrain and all-season capabilities. It has a 22hp lift motor and a 200 HP V6 that powers twin 42” ducted fans.
Did a static thrust test for the Hovertoon and it produced 506 pounds of thrust from the 4.3L V6 driving twin 41.8 inch 6 blade fans set at a 50 degree pitch with the fans turning at 2250 rpm.  A 2:1 reduction was used and the engine rpm was 4500.  The engine is rated at 5500 and fans at 2600 so the absolute max should be around 600 pounds plus.  The ODBII port was used with DashCommand app on the iphone.  The small red tick marks on the outside of the gauge registers the maximums.  In this case the RPM needle froze at 3500 but the outside max mark was 4500. 

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I found this while having a nose around the internet


It's worthlooking at some of his other videos as well