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This is a prime example of the "I know a better way to do that" mindset that infects hover-world.  The Builder (Bob someone or other?) communicated with me 14 years ago (because I'd built a Prospector same this craft).  I expressed reservations at the time as he'd changed the entire drivetrain from plans AND built the hull from all-wood.  The engine  was a tuned Honda Vtec  originally through a floating(!) rubber coupling to the custom pulley system - it didn't float for very long before destroying itself and part of the duct and hull!  The drive belts also destroyed themselves shortly after that.  The craft looked great - nice styling job - but never worked properly and was sold on a few years later (it's probably functioning as a "garage ornament" I suspect as it's never been seen since).

Loads of money and time spent on something that had inherent and fundamental flaws - then sold to another unsuspecting dreamer because "it looks nice so it must work OK" (a common story in hoverland!).    Luckily, as it's made from wood, it's unlikely to get passed around much more before falling apart!

The quote under this video on YouTube from Bryan Philips at Amphibious Marine sums it up:
amphibiousmarineinc       amphibiousmarineinc 1 year ago
    This appears to be built from the Sevtec Prospector plans. It is a lesson in why the plans should be followed.
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From what I  can gather the builder didn't follow the plans of the prospector and changed to a single lift fan and used a smaller ducted fan/prop for the thrust.  Looks like not enough lift or thrust.

Just shows why it pays not to venture too far off from the plans.

I'll admit it's nice looking prospector, just a shame it doesn't work 

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Seems USA and a compromised SEV operation envelope IMHO!
There is water pouring out of the stbd brake flap.
The sev guys will no doubt know what's wrong, / to do, but it sure should perform better than that.
Perhaps divider skirt issues, as the weight balance should presumably be to plan?
Looks super, should be super.
At least the engine is marinised!  ;)

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If there was every a video of why it pays to follow the Sevtec plans when building a Sevtec, this is it!

This guy has redesigned a Sevtec Prospector, the results speak for themselves. :-X

I am seriously considering building a Prospector and had considered using a single lift fan, but have been persuaded by JR & Bryan Phillips that although possible, best to stick with two lift fans as per plan.