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It’s a B&S 31, free air cooled

Thought it may have been more as it seems a nice lively craft, mine is the 37 & don't think it would be as lively with the same load, are you still running the standard skirts or are they your design, the craft looks well  :D

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It’s a B&S 31, free air cooled

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     Good video Gavin .hope your keeping well . Tom

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Gavin, what engine do you have in your Marlin? it sits very nice & goes very well two up  :D , a lot better than mine  :-[ .

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The impromptu bit was that it wasn't an organised cruise. We don't do that. If one person posts on our local group FB page that they're going out, it's up to the others if they want to turn up as well.

There's no time limit to YouTube videos if you have a verified account. All the music I use on all of my channels comes from copyright free stock. Everything on this video came from Shutterstock. For a subscription, a lot of good music can be found at Epidemic Sound.

TBH, the low winter sun doesn't make the video as good as it could be, too much sun glare. It also make navigation quite hard but fortunately I know the river like the back of my hand and I use Navionics on my phone to plot a course.

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Gavin, THATS a fantastic video. Its ALL there, excitement, some "interesting gullies" to tempt but concentrate, fab photography, mixing, droning, and superbly chosen music. I recognised some areas from my last visit, with KingFisher a good few years ago.
"Impronptu" IS a superb approach in that you weren't expecting it, and the only reason you suddenly decided was - the great weather.
You're fortunate living close to that.

I understood that max youtube was 14 mins. Clearly im wrong, but how have you got around that limit.?
Also as I understand youtube rules they "prevent" copyrighted music and ive seen an HCGB video that seems to have got around that.
Do you know how they avoided problems or perhaps they just post and see?
I can't remember who took and posted that one.
Thanks, a real tonic ATM !
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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Video gives a good idea of how big that U-boat was, comparing it with the hovers parked up beside it

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Here's a video of our recent outing on the Medway. We coincidentally met up on the river on a day that had perfect weather and perfect tides. The low sun makes videoing tricky though.
Everyone in this video and in our little group lives in the Medway Towns, owns a hovercraft and are regular river users.