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Yes Nick, that's Kip's Dockyard. The re-development is on hold at the moment, sometime to do with some disease or something.
I have a centrifugal clutch as well which is probably just as well on start up so it doesn't have to spin two fans. That said, the clutch seems to bite almost immediately.
It is quite a bit of work to figure these engines out but I chose the R1150 GS as it has a lower torque curve than the R1100 enabling me to keep the engine revs down and pitch the fans up, hence why I was happy that it cruised along nicely at 2000 rpm engine revs and was happy above hump at only 1500 rpm.

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For a second I thought it was a 3 second test!
Nice video, this is the way forward for these type of craft, the difference in performance appears obvious, like all development it takes time and effort, well worth it.
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Thats a super job you've made there.
Is that "Kips" Chatham dockyard where the 50th anniversary HCGB was held?
I understood the area was being redeveloped and no longer available?
Good Colour!  8)
Super engine, but way out of my knowledge zone.
My Kingfisher had a clutched thrust propellor,
(which I really liked),  but I was always
a little concerned ref the hidden internals.

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That looks and sounds really good. Even the guys in the pub across the river could not complain about that :D

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We took my modified Osprey 3 out for its second test today. On the first test, the chipbags were tucking up so I re-made them differently.
This craft has been a work in progress for five years now (but then I did re-build a yacht and another hovercraft in that time). I still have to deal with weight issues and I have the option to make further significant changes to the back end to achieve that.
I feel that the concept works, just need to refine it a bit more.
Other than that, I'm very pleased with the noise levels. In time, I'll take some proper noise readings.
Here's a short video of today's test.