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TS3 on Lough Ree :)

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Hi Al,
your early plough problem was easily solved by changing the bottom skirt attachment back to what Kip & Tony had originally designed, plus redoing the lift throttle setup so that there was a lot less slack in the cable & making it slower acting. I found that with your setup due to the amount of slack that quite often you could only get half throttle on the carb. The craft is now happy to cruise at 30mph in all conditions where it has the power to do so & although I've only had it up to just over 35 mph in over 100 miles it hasn't ploughed or made any attempt to do so. The craft is now very well behaved which I think Philip will agree with.  ;D ;D

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Hi Nick, thanks for yours and other members advice. I certainly wouldn't want to be creating any excessive noise. [size=78%]I've taken the advice from the members that this Eagle is way too expensive, so for the time being I've retired to watching more videos [/size] ;)

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Cheers Al, but I no longer have the space for building one, which I would have enjoyed doing in the past.

That plough in looked interesting, stopping that quickly without any warning and I could end up getting wet!

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Hello Ken?
I was given a 10 mile ride in a red Eagle about 6 years ago. Even with ear defenders I was quite phased once we stopped. It was very kind of the chap but they are astonishingly loud. Its also worth remembering- I love hover crafting!
Onlookers usually DONT, so bad PR is almost guaranteed. Yes some one will buy it £? but best the public shout at someone else?
I agree that integrated (i.e. same engine driving ONE multi bladed fan for lift AND thrust), will always make "unnecessary (high decibels and high pitch) noise" and at the same time time work out less economical. Sevtec craft are often rather "ugly" although Ron (on here) has tidied up the design and made a most pretty version. ASK Ron He's being too modest to show you.
On the GOOD side --- you've ASKED before you bought!
You are ALREADY a winner in my books.
Now watch some videos on here of various craft operating, and make your own mind up.
I am currently sorting out a video of the recent Scotland cruise that included many high mileage trips.
Assume the brace position.  ;)
Exciting stuff.
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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HI Kenno,

Have you thought of building one from plans?

It's a lot of work, "but fun work not hard work" You will learn loads about the hovercraft, you can spread the cost over a few months.  You will know exactly what you have when finished.

This site has free plans for the Sevtec Surveyor.

I have been messing around with hovercraft since 2009.  I have owned quite a few different designs, some integrated some Sevtecs, I always go back to Sevtecs.  My personal preference. 

I currently have a 14 foot Sevtec Vanguard, that I bought a few weeks ago with the intention of doing anything that needs sorting and then sell it on.  I have rewired it as original electrics were not suitable for a marine environment.  I haven't quite finished it, only throttle & choke to connect, but that will be for sale at a sensible price in the coming weeks.  It also comes with a fly on /fly off trailer.

Anyway the word plough in has been mentioned a couple of times.  Below is a link to a video of one of my hovercraft, ploughing in.  I was only doing 26 mph when it ploughed.  I wont mention make & model, but it's not a Sevtec ;)   The plough occures about 10 seconds in


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I agree with all that has been said. The Eagle is a large integrated craft which makes them noisy - noisier than is tolerable today. A few years ago we launched two Sevs, an Otter and a red Eagle 4 into Loch Awe fort the day. At the end of the day, the chap who ran the slip way said "you can all come back any time you like but not the red one" (the Eagle)

In their day, the Eagles worked ok (excepting the tendancy to plough in) but they were designed for a Rotax engine, and I doubt that they will trim properly with a large car engine in. That will be the reason why the fuel tank and battery has been moved - but that's only going to work when it's full.

Sadly, I wouldn't be able to recommend an Eagle 4 (or any large integrated craft for that matter) for cruising use, if you can wait then you should finish up with a better craft.

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Thanks for your input guys/ Always pays to get a second opinion from those in the know.

So it looks like it is being removed from my watched list  ;)

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Hi Kenno

When I came along into hovercrafting about 3 years ago.I didn’t know at all what to buy either.
When I spoke to some people I was told about integrated craft and I also went to a meeting and had a look at them.
I spoke about a Sevtec. The people there laughed at me and asked why would I possibly buy a piece of Sh## like that for, the horrible square things.
I was offered an Eagle 4. Didn’t buy it though. I bought a Sev. They are more square than integrated craft.
But.....and it’s a big, big but. They just do it. I have just come back from a holiday in Scotland, two of the days we did over a hundred miles in the day, my craft had 2 adults and a big dog in it.
It has only 40 hp and it used less than 8 gallons of fuel in the day. In fact all the craft on those trips were Sevs or Sev derivatives.
But the biggest thing is the skirt design because it makes them very stable and they don’t plough in.
If anyone is trying to sell you a craft, ask about plough in, ask again when they say all hovercraft plough in....they don’t.
Al on here is sorting out a Sev, that he is going to sell. A conversation with him might be worth while.
But I would also PM Ian Brooks and/ or John Roberson on here. Those two people are definitely worth talking to.
If I can help, you are very welcome to PM me.
Hope that helps.

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in my opinion its a touch pricey.

Its also a big craft to be intergrated.

1.3 petrol pug engine, would likely be out of a 205, they didnt do a 1.3 in the 206, that means the engine could be as old as 1983.

64hp though, but  most craft i have seen of that size with the pug engine,  had more fan blades. i assume to provide more lift to the big craft and absorb the power.

if the fan is spinning fast to achieve this, the bugger will be loud!!
the only craft i have seen fly with the pug engine, kept blowing it up.

not to say this setup would do that however.

it would probably go a lot better with a seperate lift fan and a reasonable industrial engine like a 35hp briggs for thrust. but that is a massive conversion.

would i buy it no.

would i but it if it was 500quid, yeh maybe!

its a 40year old craft by the look of it!

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I've been looking at various craft over the years on ebay and this one has come up within my budget.

I wondered what members thoughts on this would be as suitable for a first time venture into hovercraft cruising?

[/size][/color]eBay item number:114402151665