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Very enjoyable Mr Flint, bit like a good beer... Good to the last drop (No drone crashing pun intended)
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[quote: and using his built in binocular visual organs determined the exact location!
Known in military circles as the " Mk. 1 Eyeball"

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Well done Cap'n Flint - great fun! 8)

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Thanks Ian, sorry video took a while, and my systems refused to accept quite a few videos i was given. When iMac says NO it simply doesn't happen. This results in a rather "constrained diversity" of shots, but the drone visuals are slowly improving, and I am now up to speed on downloading direct from the drone data port, which improves clarity. Weather has the usual huge effect.
The drone loss occurred when I broke one of my "unbreakable rules" and that is
1 DONT fly backwards filming where you've been unless its over water, and STAYS level.
breaking this rule resulted in my clipping the tops of the reeds (combined height of reeds and steep rising bank was about 18 feet perhaps)
which is ONLY a problem when flying at 17 feet! The Severn bridge loss of the smart flight envelope (follow me) occurred after about 1 min and I was unable to monitor on my IPAD as the sun was flaring out the pad screen, OR turning around to put screen in shade, then all I could see was my superb reflexion! Battery power in the static hover (to which it had silently defaulted) had dropped to 45%, and being unable to see the craft left so far behind me I realised if I flew the drone back to the bay, and leave it hovering then use Sparkle to rejoin the drone.
Lesson learnt LATER when your drone falls SIDEWAYS down a reed bed until its about 12 feet deep. ~ you (or your friends) won't ever find it even with a spare drone ~ EVER.
After much pondering and soul searching, I  broke the radio link to the drone. On switching on the transmitter again- , I cruised along the mud bank (Ians suggestion) and suddenly the drone responded, transmitting the view shown ref "OOPS" on the video. THEN the transmitter showed tiny marks ref presumed direction, and using gradually tightening grids gradually closed in on the possible position.
Then triangulation was used until I was positive where the craft was, i.e. within arms reach---
Then Ian moved some more reeds to the side, but his hand felt a different texture, and using his built in binocular visual organs determined the exact location!
I declared that due to current Covid restrictions, he would have to manage without one of my famous grateful cuddles!
Drone flying (about £1000) is not for the faint hearted.

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That is a superb video - one of the best I've ever seen! Really professional, entertaining and inspiring... it inspired me and I was there!
Ian Brooks
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At last IT gremlins sorted so here is a montage of Two Severns!
Yes its long, but I've mercilessly edited  ::)  and just remember
There IS an off button, and please arrange a toilet break for the elderly.

Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT