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Will keep my fingers crossed, I don't know the Severn that well so can't help with logistics but I think there was a lot of paperwork last time if so I'm happy to help with that if it would be useful to you.

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Maybe - I’ll have to talk to Bryan. It would be good. Might want to make it a long weekend though to do justice to it.
Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Looks wonderful!  Ian is there any chance of another treasure hunt on the Severn - they were so much fun!

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River Severn Trailer with FULL length EPIC to follow soon.
Get your popcorn, get your low sugar drinks,
Empty your bladders and prepare for some serious Severn Action.
MEANWHILE~~~ make do with this snippette.
Its maybe only a few seconds, but as I say "better than nothing"!  ;)


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