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  • Morecambe Bay: Aug 01, 2020 - Aug 02, 2020
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Thanks for the link Rachael
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Thanks Rachael

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Hi Ronnie,

There's generally a couple of cruises each year at Ulverston or Liverpool sailing club organised by Danny Nightingale or Rob Alker.  It's obviously a bit different at the moment due to Covid but you can see all their current provisional dates for cruises here:

I went to one of the ones organised at Liverpool sailing club last year and it was brilliant!  Ulverston is a bit far from me but from the pics I've seen they look like they had a brilliant time!

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I’ve got things on this weekend which is really annoying.
I’d have loved to go to that one.
Do these events happen often?
Haven’t heard of one before.
Thanks for info John

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Unfortunately Im already spoken for "down the Severn" that weekend. It will be good to hear from anyone who attends and posts up info and photos please. It will be good to extend to other cruising areas.  8)
Thanks for posting John
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT