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Hi Ant - pm me if you can

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As I'm not a member of the Facebook group I can't reply on there. I'm near Stansted

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I don't usually use Facebook but will reply on there

Clearly I've got no intention of "beach buzzing" or I wouldn't have bothered posting. I would have simply headed to the nearest beach

And yes I have got an insured craft

It was just a polite request for any up coming beginner events, as per the title.
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I responded on Facebook to the post you put there asking where you were as that is material to any response.

Blasting about on a beach and letting (presumably) untrained and (potentially) uninsured kids drive is an absolute no and against everything this club was set up to promote. 

However if you are looking for some sea time and have an insured and reliable craft, or want some basic training and help/advice to get started, then I am sure someone will be willing to help or suggest places to go. If you are in the South West,  I may be able to help.

However there is almost no chance of just turning up on a beach and driving about without seriously upsetting people and getting banned.  In addition operating on sand is the best way known to wreck a craft and skirt.

De-trailer, get on the water and go !

Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh but 'beach buzzing' caused havoc in the past and it has taken us many years to restore hovercraft to their correct place in the marine environment.

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Right, here goes.

I don't regularly log in but thought it would be worth checking the events page to see if anything was happening w/c 24th August. Doesn't look like it but are any of you doing any hovering then that i'd be able to tag along?

not really looking for a proper cruise, more a sandy beach where the kids could have a go without bothering the locals. I've only got a freedom-1 which they enjoy flying across the local farmers fields, but haven't had a chance to go on water yet so probably best to avoid the big waves.

on a separate note hope everyone is surviving these weird times  ;)