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113 miles of pleasure.  8)
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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THIS was Ians response to "Look Languid"!
Needs work perhaps?  ;)
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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Oh WOW, what a fabulous (extended) weekend down the Severn!
CLEARLY there will be much posted as I have a FULL iPhone, and Drone weighs much more ATM due to being full to brimming with data.
The weir pictured gave me my first sight of a large salmon failing to jump the pictured weir.
To my eyes it was about 8 feet long, but in truth was perhaps "only" 26 inches long.  Seen many on TV but never before in reality.
Hover crafting cruises bring SO much more to us.
Many thanks obviously go to Ruth and Ian for their kindness and patience, (but not in that order!)
As Sparkle was now sporting a new engine, and exhaust system I was quite anxious as this was the first proper operation other than annoying some pigeons in Sheffield. All went well with a tighten up of the V belts after approx 11 hours use.
NEW top speed for the 35 BHP OTTER in super conditions, (2 inch mottled wave conditions)is---------
39 MPH.  :o .
THIS was achieved on Sunday going down stream (2mph waves).
I "feel" that 40 mph could have been up for grabs, but the water surface about four miles down stream looked "a bit funny"
so I backed off, MORE than astonished with this run.
It was perhaps down to the above conditions, but also the new engine,/ exhaust, but perhaps most importantly, due to Ian noticing
my wear patches situated at the forward ends of the bags was "getting a tad thick" as Ian diplomatically pointed out.
Mainly due to my stupidity of just glueing a new wear patch OVER the old one---twice. This resulted in a great clod hopping lump
that didn't easily deform out of the way, resulting in twin speed boat sprays from said protuberances. These were hot aired and separated
into just the correct ONE layer, and a separate (unconnected) wear patch.
Also I found on checking matters thoroughly over, during the clamp down blues that the front air bleed (air brake) was ever so slightly (always) open one inch, something I could never see, as it was only visible when I was operating - when I was in the craft!
Result---- 39 MPH.
NEXT time, I won't be so astonished and will have a phone to record the speed. Until then you just have to believe me! ::)
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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File Name: Nick at Maisemore
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Nick inspecting the weir

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK