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Welcome to all our new members & upgraded members. I hope you find something yo inspire you on the site! Don't hesitate to ask any questions or to introduce yourself.

If you are feeling inspired,  deliveries from online suppliers seem to be getting sorted out now, so maybe time to begin a new project or resurrect and old one?

Any questions or advice needed,  just ask

Ian Brooks
Gloucester, UK

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Thanks guys!
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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To offer some support, a little inspiration and even some entertainment to the Hovercraft community during these difficult times we have decided to offer  FREE HoverClub Membership for one year to everyone who registers on this site (click HERE to register).

Full membership gives access to our huge library of safety, maintenance and  build support articles and thousands of hovercraft images and hundreds of videos in our media library.  You'd also have full use of our collection of world class hovercraft design tools AND access FREE hovercraft plans (Sevtec Surveyor and TurboWedge).

This will be a time limited offer.  A free membership upgrade may take up to 24 hours from registration.  Current HoverClub subscribers who have renewed their subscription within the last three months will receive a full sub refund shortly!
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