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I've put out a petrol fire on a hovercraft with one of those 1kg extinguishers,  they were back in Lidl recently for 10 euro.

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The most important thing, in my view, is to have at least TWO fire extinguishing devices available.  Should one fail to work you then have a 2nd chance - could be a life-saver if you are floating around!  Small (1Kg) conventional powder extinguishers can be had for under £10 each - the only issue I've had with them ir corrosion of the case and lever so they do need checked annually to ensure they can still be operated (as Gaz says, get ones with a gauge) 

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I cant see a shelf life anywhere? If they are fit and forget I could be tempted myself. EDIT: from the Firestick website; 10 years proven shelf life (3yr warranty)

AFAIK most conventional extinguishers are only good for a few years before they should be replaced. I think some suffer gas leaks or the powder gets compacted.  I try to buy ones with a pressure gauge, I also shake them up every once in a while and mitigate both problems. Either way its just fun to set one of every now and again (but never at home... all that cleaning the mess up lol).
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No - I have a conventional automatic extinguisher in the engine bay and a hand held manualmone in the cockpit.

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Has anyone used these? They seem popular among the rally guys