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  • Ireland 2020: Jul 24, 2020 - Aug 04, 2020
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Should be ok now

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     Video unavailable .
 This video is private.

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Roll on next weekend, fingers crossed for weather :)

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Today's delivery. I'm all set :D

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A little update, having got Covid 19 down to very low numbers the country is opening up again with most restrictions lifted on June 29th. This means a few of us will probably meet up in late July. Quite a few conditions are to be imposed on campsites and hotels etc so we're unsure exactly what's going to happen. Nothing new there  :) ;) :D

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Galey: Where else can you hover from the campsite, down the road to the lakeside.
Yes,and they even have roadsigns

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Galey: Where else can you hover from the campsite, down the road to the lakeside.

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Some video taken in 2018 of Galey campsite and Lough Ree, we may yet get there this year :)

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This year we hope to meet up around Friday 24th July to Tuesday 4th August. We're heading back to the Shannon probably again starting at Galey on Lough Ree before heading on south or maybe north, east or west visiting anywhere interesting along the way including places like Hodson Bay Clonmacnoise and Lukers. We hope to explore some sections of the river we've not been on before so there may be some surprises. On the Shannon we usually stop at campsites which have access to the river without needing a trailer including Mountshannon on Lough Derg. Most of the river has recently been added to Google Street View although no monsters are shown!

 Then we'll move to Kerry where we can explore some rivers and head out into the Atlantic visiting places like Blennerville, Castlemaine, Killorglin, Inch, Spa and Cromane.  All of course is weather dependent but we can always stick to the more sheltered rivers.
  If anybody wants more info just ask. :)
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