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Can you PM me their name and campsite Tel No and I will chat with them. They may know of an area or waive the rule early season
to allow my camper to spend money with them?
Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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Hi Nick,
"My Site" opens 1st March BUT since last season NO boats are allowed. I am lucky and have a large end of row  pitch and was able to park my Rib as it was not between caravans. Why no boats, I don't know the reason, it only appeared to come into force AFTER I sold my rib in 2018. Some forward thinking sites have boat parks!

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Certainly will be using Porthmadog VERY soon for some general testing and will need a nearby campsite. Warby--- does yours open soon, (sooner than blackrock sands?)
I need to get out there soon, and yes the nice weather does act as a stimulant.  ;)

Memories are BETTER than Dreams---"Capn" FLINT

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I'd consider attending any meets.  It does need member(s) to find suitable locations though and, obviously, that's a lot easier for "locals" (we have "locals" all over the country so this shouldn't be an issue). 

All that is needed is somewhere to launch onto tidal/river water (with trailer parking) and, ideally, some reasonably local overnight facilities for non-locals - it's not exactly onerous!.  Anyone needs any help or advice please contact any Committee member.

If you need some pointers, we have a UK harbour/port database HERE (harbour = boats = launch facilities) and a cruise site database HERE (locations that have been checked out and used in the past).

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Hi All
Not sure if this is a question for the committee, but if I ask everyone....
Has anyone thought of meets, other than Loch Fyne? Which we would not miss.
Going somewhere and hovering on your own is nowhere near as much fun as with the rest of the folks.
Ross has spoke of Bristol area.
We would love to do Ireland, but not sure of the costing.
We were just thinking about the nice weather, so I thought I’d ask the question.

Any thoughts?