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TS3 "Viking Star" for sale - posting on behalf of Tom Tilley

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   Up for sale new Price From £13750  to barging price £ 9500 .     Tom

    New price for Viking Star £9500 with trailer NOT the one in photo with all spares

 for the TS3 Cruising  craft .    Tom

        I will consider  a near offer  for Vikings Star TS3  with a well built trailer NOT the one in the picture all ready for cruising .

Covered 53 Hours on long  cruises   .  Tom

Just wandering if there is anybody using this type of battery charger a Milenco 10  or 20 Battery care by Optimate the reason I'm putting on here is I'm using one the Milenco 10 on the TS3 permanently with no problem with battery's as I have two on the craft if you connect it to a   Virtually  dead battery it can bring it back to life as part of its charging   Cycle check out their website, you can leave it on all year round I have made redundant two battery charges replaced them with this type thay are not cheap I think it's well worth the money.   The bigger version it used on larger battery like the caravan or camper . Tom


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